Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching up

It has been a while since I've posted on my blog. Sad.

So let's catch up...

I've not been here since Sandy. She blew threw here like a mad woman! We were without power for 5 days. That's a bit creepy in the city where I am used to constant light. It cancelled my marathon that I had trained for months to do. I was sad for personal reasons for that, but thankful we were spared any horrible demise.

I went out and ran Central Park that Sunday anyway. How amazing! Tons of runners from around the world were there. And tons of supporters. People were there taking donations for the victims. It turned out to be a good day for a run. Plus my friend Bonny who had come up to cheer me on got to run with me.

Two cute cheerleaders!

Gathered around the finish line

I decided to sport my bright orange official marathon shirt

Now I am heading to Miami in January to do the marathon there. Yippy!

The day Sandy was to hit I was at home painting. I'd never really used Gouache before so I thought I'd give it a try. Wow that stuff dries FAST!  I really liked using it. I did this little number called "Pure Evil" I guess her name should be Sandy.

Done on lilac paper

A trip to Coney was in order. I did a day of volunteer work to help clean up out there. Since it is my play ground and all I thought it only fair that I pitch in. I really didn't really realize how bad it was out there. Since I had no power for a while I didn't see any of the reports. I just ran or biked to work then came home to more darkness.

The sand buckets at least were water proof

Ruby's was busy cleaning up getting ready to serve customers

Loading up or unloading? I wasn't sure

All the supplies were ready for the volunteers

Thanksgiving was nice. Lee and I usually head to the parade, but this year I thought we'd start our day doing a Turkey Trot. After the 5 mile run I felt I could eat whatever I wanted. I cooked duck, brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. Super good.

I was hoping there was chocolate inside!

To burn off just a few more calories we took the pups on a stroll up Broadway. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is about the only time we can take them there due to all the people. This year it was quite crowded since a lot of the stores think it is now a good idea to be open ON Thanksgiving Day.

I've not decorated for Christmas yet other than my bike. I'm so careful to put my blinky lights on my bike since my ride home now is in the dark. Oh how I hate this time of year! SO I figured a lit Christmas wreath would be cute and safe.

Maybelle's ready to go
This Friday I'm working on my Sketch Book for the Sketch Book Project based in Brooklyn. I look forward to sharing that when complete.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

More days of Halloweeny

I've been sticking to my multi days of Halloween. Just by wearing a small token of something spooky each day.

It's looking like my real Halloween may be a wash out. Sandy has already closed the subway for this evening.

I did do a practice run of my makeup just incase Halloween is still a go. I look like one of my paintings.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More days of Halloween

Here's a bit more Halloween fun time. This was my ensemble for going to get my hair colored.

Skull printed silk blouse from Fab 208 here in Manhattan.

Friday, October 19, 2012

A little bit of Halloween everyday

Those of you who know me personally or know my art work would probably guess that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I suppose for the most part that is true. Some people say that I treat everyday as Halloween since I tend to dress in costumes.

In any given week at work I might hear all of this...
Monday- You look like Rosie the Riviter today
Tuesday- Your outfit is so lumberjack-esque today
Wednesday- Looks like you are going to a garden party today
Thursday- Goth is a good look for you

Well for the remainder of the month I tend to wear a little something spooky each day.

Here is what I have done so far this week...
Day 1
Bloody Nails
I can not take credit for this idea. I saw my friend Jeanie post her nails like this one day. So I thought I steal her idea. Check her out she is a multi-talented lady. She can help you get organized and decorate and pretty much everything. http://www.photojeanie.com/

Day 2

I love this pin that Lee (my husband) got me for Christmas a few years back. I wear it year round.

Today I paired it with a Chanel (inspired) tweed jacket
Day 3

Well I don't like these as good as bloody nails but today I opted for ghost face nails.

If you are down the Savannah GA way this month stop in and see my sister's art show. She is a wonderful artist and this is also her favorite time of year. http://lisaocampo.com/section/180136.html

Stay tuned for more Halloween wears this coming week.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Art is everywhere

A couple of weekends ago I went to the "country" that's what my husband and I call Brooklyn. We were going to see an unusual art show. The canvas for these artists are motorcycles. Not only do they paint on the canvases however- they make the canvas as well.

The pieces, um I mean bikes were displayed inside like fine sculptures.  There was plenty of room to walk around and see all the details put into each and every bike.

This one was one of my faves. Taking chrome to a whole new level.
I loved the picture frame on this. It was a photo of a little cow. Why?

Classic and beautiful

I'm a sucker for flames!

Even though the show was about all the bikes inside. I must admit I really like seeing the bikes that just come to the show.

This is the same saddle I have on my bike. Bicycle that is. 
Not sure how that rides for any distance but looks swanky!

Rosemary has a mighty large seat. I'm just sayin'
I even found this amazing Indian painting at the show.
Now this would be a wild cab ride.
After we saw all the bikes we headed over to Indian Larry's place. He is no longer with us but his shop is still going strong. He was also having a big shin dig to check out.

A space age bike along side a vintage ride.
I liked this one because of the pin up girls on the tank.
It was a great day. We saw some amazing pieces of art and they weren't hanging on a wall in a stuffy museum. Splendid.

Well the fun and art gawking doesn't end there. Last night we were back in the "country" again. This time at the House of Vans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Half Cab shoe. Steve Caballero was there in the flesh and played with Agent Orange.

This time the canvas really was canvas... in the shape of a Van's shoe. Gives me some ideas!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sketching and being FREE!

Most Fridays are art days. I love this. I have such a blessed life that I have been able to do this for the last 7 or so years. But I have issues. I think in my head that on those Fridays I must be doing art work that is making me money since I am not getting paid at a "REAL" job.

I really need to break free from this because art is just about ART. It is not or should not be about getting paid. Now granted I still need to pay those bills that come around each and every month. But luckily my daily gig does ok on that front.

Well last Friday I had a commission piece to varnish but it was not quite dry yet. So I grabbed my sketch book. Not just any sketch book but a sketch book from this web site.
Once I complete it is will travel the country then come to live at the Sketch Book Library across the East River in Brooklyn.

This was a great exercise for me. For 1- I will make no money off this book, for 2- I rarely sketch anything and for 3- it is good for me to draw with out looking for reference on the computer. I need to draw more out of my head.

It is all official looking (for now)

I really like pink

Sweet Zombie Sue

Such a beautiful day!

Maybelle with her paniers and basket carried all my supplies rather easily

Oh and for 4- It was a beautiful day to take Maybelle down to the river for this project.

Do any of you artists struggle out there with balancing doing art for fun and art for money?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's Happening?

As usual my summer is ending way too quickly. I hate fall. Hate it. Hate winter more. Then I like spring. And Love, Love, Love summer.

During summer I DO as much as I possibly can because I know here in NY the cold weather comes way to quickly.

So I have not been painting as much as I need to. I am still working on a commission piece that I picked up last September. Now granted I have done lots of other painting in between. But I need to get this done because I have big plans on painting for this fall and winter.

When I went home in July I couldn't go the whole week without creating something. So I went to the local TJ Maxx there in Winston-Salem to pick up a glass container so I could make a terrarium. This is something that couldn't happen in New York. Like where would I go get plants? I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon me digging up plants in Central Park.

Well actually truth be told all these plants are illegal too. Now I do not condone doing illegal things I am quite the Goody Miss Two-Shoes. But I wanted to take a little bit of Pilot Mountain with me.

I have tiny ferns, moss and other plants. Plus a stone I just got on the Cape May shore
I did spruce my work area up a bit. I have a cheap IKEA long desk that holds my computer and is also where I paint. The desk was covered in paint and cuts from where I used an exacto knife without a cutting mat. Bad idea!

But with a little oil cloth form Pearl River it looks better than new. No more cutting.

Ready, set paint!
Today we picked up some carpet squares to re-carpet the bathroom. Elvira took a liking to them right away.

"I'm queen of the mountain!"
Next time I will tell you a bit about a new project I'm starting to start... "The Sketch Book Project"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little blog from Cape May

I love vacation. My favorite times in life have been vacations. I grew up going to the beach once a year with mom, dad and the sisters. Such a simple thing to do really but yet so enjoyable.

This weekend we took off out of New York's Port Authority heading to Cape May NJ. It is the country's old beach resort town.

Now I am quite partial to NC beaches. I've been to beaches a lot of places and I still favor the NC coast.

BUT... Cape May just may be a close second. At least while it is warm. I bet winter here would be rather cold, drab and boring.

Who cares, right now it is August, warm and delightful. And I am writing this from the beach with the waves at my toes!

Have a look at some of the things I've seen.