Friday, October 5, 2012

Art is everywhere

A couple of weekends ago I went to the "country" that's what my husband and I call Brooklyn. We were going to see an unusual art show. The canvas for these artists are motorcycles. Not only do they paint on the canvases however- they make the canvas as well.

The pieces, um I mean bikes were displayed inside like fine sculptures.  There was plenty of room to walk around and see all the details put into each and every bike.

This one was one of my faves. Taking chrome to a whole new level.
I loved the picture frame on this. It was a photo of a little cow. Why?

Classic and beautiful

I'm a sucker for flames!

Even though the show was about all the bikes inside. I must admit I really like seeing the bikes that just come to the show.

This is the same saddle I have on my bike. Bicycle that is. 
Not sure how that rides for any distance but looks swanky!

Rosemary has a mighty large seat. I'm just sayin'
I even found this amazing Indian painting at the show.
Now this would be a wild cab ride.
After we saw all the bikes we headed over to Indian Larry's place. He is no longer with us but his shop is still going strong. He was also having a big shin dig to check out.

A space age bike along side a vintage ride.
I liked this one because of the pin up girls on the tank.
It was a great day. We saw some amazing pieces of art and they weren't hanging on a wall in a stuffy museum. Splendid.

Well the fun and art gawking doesn't end there. Last night we were back in the "country" again. This time at the House of Vans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Half Cab shoe. Steve Caballero was there in the flesh and played with Agent Orange.

This time the canvas really was canvas... in the shape of a Van's shoe. Gives me some ideas!

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