Monday, December 8, 2014

Devil with the Blue Dress on

Well we made it as I am sure most of you have seen via Face Book. So I will not bore you with all of the details and photos again.
Life is good. I am loving it here. I thought it might take a while to decompress from New York. Or I thought I might be mourning the loss of New York. Nope, not yet anyway. I love being around so much natural beauty. Running has taken on a new life. It is so nice to run and not have to smell cigarettes or get cat called by some jerk!

Lee and I have been busy setting up house. Today I am starting prep work for painting the interior.

Soon I am going to have to go job hunting. I am not sure what I want to do. I do not really want to do advertising any longer. I've been doing that for 20 some odd years and I'm kinda over it. I would dream to do nothing but my art work and sell it. First I need to open my ETSY shop back up and work to get it going better.

I did decide to put a piece on EBAY which I had never done before just to explor that option. It's listed right now- go have a look. It is a piece that I did while in New York and I'm not sure if I've ever even shown it before. It's called Devil with the Blue Dress On.

Well I guess I better run and get these walls ready, they're not going to paint themselves!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Simple Living

As Lee and I are packing up our tiny little apartment to move to Tybee, I am wondering where did all this stuff come from!

For the past several months we've been cleaning out drawers, cabinets and boxes. I swore off shopping for clothes for months. I've tried to become less of a consumer. What gives?

I am just going to have to try harder, that is all I can do.

I've packed up all of my makeup and hair products. I don't wear a lot of makeup anyway but I have to say it is nice know all I have to do is put on my home made face oil, some cheek stain and mascara because that is all that is available at the moment. I still have a drawer's worth of eye shadow, lipstick and foundation tucked away in some box that I just am not willing to part with yet. I do like having my options. Who knows when an occasion will arise where I want to do a Liz Taylor look- I will need sky blue eye shadow and I have that. Or maybe I want to go goth for an event- I'm going to need that black lipstick that I have. 

Then there are my boxes and boxes of clothes. Sure I have not shopped in quite sometime and yes I did rid myself of some clothing items. I do pride myself however in being able to pull together an outfit for any occasion straight out of my closet. Mermaid parade? Yep I got that. 1920s Lawn Party? Yes indeed! Vintage cowgirl with chaps? Ok, well I might have to work on that one a bit.

Oh yeah we are also art collectors. Lee and I both love art and sometimes we just can't turn it down. I never think about "I love that piece but where can we put it?" Over the years if we have liked a piece and we could afford it, we've bought it. I love all of them! I do think I will hang in rotation from now on rather than trying to display it all at once. Oh but how to decide? We have a ton of pieces in storage, I am most anxious to see those friends again. They will probably get first dibs.

All I know is ridding oneself of clutter is a work in progress and I will continue as I am UN-packing in Tybee. Keep your eyes out, there maybe a really good yard sale in the future!


More stuff

There is no where to go!

Even Elvira is just trying to get out of the way

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy as bees

One week!

As my friend pointed out to me today this is my last Tuesday in New York. Well technically we’ll be here for part of next Tuesday. I feel like I should be bitter sweet about leaving here. As of right now, I’m just not. I’m ready. There will surely be things that I miss but I am ready for a new adventure. I love being out side and I love warm weather. That’s hard to come by here.

Lee and I have done many a thing here in the big apple. Here is just a sampling.

Thanksgiving Day Parades

Rumblers Car show (RIP)

Chris Isaak (again and again...)

New York Marathon

Christmas Train show

Christmas Windows

Roller Skating at Coney Island

Having my artwork stolen from a gallery (Boo)

Coney Island a hundred times over!

Fleet Week

Giants Ticker Tape parade

Flava Flave surprise

1920s Lawn Parties

Family Visits

Steam Punk Festival

Chillin at the park

Monday, November 10, 2014

The big move is ON!

One week one day- that is all that’s left of me living the dream in New York.

Seven years ago Lee and I packed all of our worldly possessions in a UHAUL truck and headed for the bright lights and big city that is New York. We had no jobs and no sense moving with out one. It all worked out somehow, just like I knew it would. I do often wonder though when my luck is going to run out.

Sure I believe if you want to do something in life just do it. I also believe to make a success out of it you have to work for it and rely on a little luck.

Anyway we thought we’d be here for five to ten years and we’ve landed pretty much in the middle of that time frame. It’s been nothing more than fabulous. Really. It’s felt like a 7 year vacation where I just so happen have to run in and work ever so often to pay a bill or two.

I don’t know anyone who’s done New York like we’ve done New York. We hit the ground a runnin’ and we’ve not stopped. Museums, galleries, festivals, parades, marathons- check. We’ve explored every borough. Now there is plenty left to explore don’t get me wrong. You could never see it all nor could you eat it all!

Oh yes the food- that’s what I will miss the most. My waistline will probably be thanking me for getting outta town!

After our summer vacation last year to Wrightsville Beach NC Lee and I knew we had to start our exit plan. I’ve always dreamed of living at the beach. I also used to dream of living in New York and I made that happen so why NOT the beach?

Our “plan” was not much of a plan, it went kinda like this 1. Decide on a beach 2. Save some money 3. Find a house 4. Buy it 5. Move. Done. Simple as that.

We chose Tybee Island Georgia for one reason my sister lives in Savannah which is only 20 minutes away and it seems like a quirky, fun and artsy beach!

Follow me here as I am going to be documenting the move. In the mean time here are some pics from seven years ago on our way in.

Which way?

Lee before the gray hair

Are we there yet?

Almost there

Time to unpack!