Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Busy as bees

One week!

As my friend pointed out to me today this is my last Tuesday in New York. Well technically we’ll be here for part of next Tuesday. I feel like I should be bitter sweet about leaving here. As of right now, I’m just not. I’m ready. There will surely be things that I miss but I am ready for a new adventure. I love being out side and I love warm weather. That’s hard to come by here.

Lee and I have done many a thing here in the big apple. Here is just a sampling.

Thanksgiving Day Parades

Rumblers Car show (RIP)

Chris Isaak (again and again...)

New York Marathon

Christmas Train show

Christmas Windows

Roller Skating at Coney Island

Having my artwork stolen from a gallery (Boo)

Coney Island a hundred times over!

Fleet Week

Giants Ticker Tape parade

Flava Flave surprise

1920s Lawn Parties

Family Visits

Steam Punk Festival

Chillin at the park

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