Friday, November 22, 2013

Art Swapping is like a Mini Christmas

Back this summer when I was putting brush to canvas I did this little didy.

This was for an art swap that the Sketch Book project over in Brooklyn was doing. Basically it was like a pen pal but instead of a letter you swapped a painting. They also gave us a post card with a few questions about ourselved that would go along with the piece of art work.

I wanted to do something that would say a little bit about myself and showcase the kind of art that I do. Vanity won out and I did a self portrait of sorts. Of course I had to include Monster and Elvira!

After I sent my piece off I started wondering "What kind of art will I get?" "Will it be of a similar style" It was all quite exciting to ponder. Then I got selfish. My thoughts shifted to "What if I get a canvas with nothing more than a crude stick figure on it of a square painted in the center, I'll be mad." Not that my canvas was a master piece by any means, but I did put forth effort and spent several hours on the piece in hopes that the recipient would be proud to have it. Then I turned greedy! I thought "What if the piece I get is by some famous artist and it turns out to be worth MILLIONS!! HAHAHAH!"

Well time went by and ever so often I'd wonder again what I'd be getting in the mail. Then it came just when I had almost forgotten about the swap. It was like a little mini Christmas day. As soon as I got in my door I grabbed the kitchen shears and cut open my envelope. Whew hoo! I love it! It was a painting just like I would like to buy from some one. 

The artist of my piece is Kelly Jo Shows. I emailed her and found her work on line. You must check her out, she is a true talent. You can find her works at Take a look at her Artist's Shoes collection.

Also check out the Sketch Book project on line. They always have great activities for artists going on.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Running ragged and loving it.

Yeah... well...
Where to begin?
I you've not heard a peep from me in some time.

I swear I need another me to do all that I need or want to do.

However most of my "need to dos" are really just things that I want to do.

I'm blessed to have a job that has a regular 8 hour work day. I am not sure though who thought 8 hours was a good amount of time to work each day.

My work commute is rather short.

I don't have any children to tend to.

I have a tiny apartment so there's no need for hours of house keeping.

Yet I do not know where my time goes.

This summer I was out and about enjoying every hour of warm daylight. A lot of this time was spent running. Not running errands, just running, like for exercise.

Last year when I got into the New York City marathon I started logging in some good miles. Sandy cancelled that marathon. In the mean time I had won free entry into the Miami Marathon in February of 2013- so I just kept on training right through the winter. Then Lee decided he wanted in on the action and he signed up for the Nashville marathon. Of course there was no sitting back watching him have all the fun so I decided to do that one too.

I could have stopped there but noooooo. I decided I should try to get into the San Francisco women's Nike marathon. Now this was purely for the bling. At the finish line you get a Tiffany & Co. sterling silver necklace designed just for the event. Not only that but hunky firemen await you with these trays of necklaces. Well I got into that race too. I was a bit nervous as I still had the New York marathon to complete only 2 weeks after San Francisco.

These are the hunky firemen

The bling

Anyway the New York marathon came and went a few weeks ago. It was every bit as fabulous as I had dreamed!

Going for the "WIN"
Yay! Done!

Oh and I forgot to mention... I also did The Oakly's 10K run, Giants 5K run, a Warrior Run, the 5th Avenue mile run, the Tunnel to Towers 5K, the Hobokken City Challenge, the Brooklyn 10K, the Staten Island half marathon and the Philly half marathon all completed since June 2013.

I'm not telling you this to toot my own horn. Well maybe a little, I'm kinda proud I can run these distances. After all, I'm the former "fat kid" that couldn't even run a mile during my youth.

This is my favorite runner meb keflezighi. I like him because he is nice and can run FAST!

 He waved at me at the NYC Marathon Opening Ceremonies.

I have just come to love running, and yes, I may have went a little overboard this year. That being said it has left me no time for creating much of anything. Now my mind is paying the price. I'm itching and squirming to make/paint something.

Tell me how you handle the day to day and still have the time to create.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My mind is tired

Lately my mind has been tired. I don't like it.

Rarely am a physically tired. I do like that.

I just have soooo much I WANT to do, but by time I get home from my run after work and get supper done... I'm DONE as well.

YES I have most of my Fridays off of my freelance gig. I am oh so grateful for that. So Fridays are create days. Sometimes so is Saturday and/or Sunday. But with the weather finally, sort of getting better I'm more tempted to do outdoorsy stuff.

Well enough of my complaining. Let's just ave a look at what I have been up to when I'm not too tired...

Lee and I did the Nashville Marathon. We did it in POURING rain for 26 miles. This was Lee's first and my second. Despite the rain and the mountainous hill we had a good time.

The other night we went over to Brooklyn to see one of my favorite singers... Diablo Dimes. It was in a strange setting... a vintage clothing store named Cool Pony.

He uses a painting that I did as his Face Book page. I'm so flattered. I introduced myself as the artist. He seemed pleased to meet me.

If you've not done so- go check him out.

I've completed a skate deck to go into a group show over in Brooklyn at Bustin Boards. I'm excited about that. Check out the invite here.

Last Friday I took a creative Odyssey to the Prada store. On display there they had costumes from the Great Gadsby. Wooo hoo. I'd take anyone of those pieces.

Hmmm. That 'bout wraps it up for now. I'll be doing a half Marathon to Coney Island this weekend and getting my hair cut by Flame at Pimps and Pinups. Results to follow (maybe.)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Sketch Book is on line and traveling the country!

In my last post I told you about the opening for the Sketch Book Project. What a cool event. The people behind the whole thing must be some cool dudes/dudettes is all I know!

Well now my sketch book is in the on line library. Go check it out.

Here is a glimpse at the cover.

Today I signed up for a new project they are doing... The Pen Pal Painting Exchange. I'm super excited. Basically they send you a canvas and note card, then they pair you up with someone across the country to exchange the painting with.

Hmmm... What will I paint? Who will I meet? What kind of painting will I get back?

I'll be keepin' ya posted!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sketch Book Project Opening

Years ago Lee and I was visiting New York. This was way before we moved here. I remember we happened upon a place in Brooklyn. A library of sorts that housed tons of sketch books. Lee and I took several off the shelves and thumbed through them. "What fun!!" I thought.

Years went by and I never really thought about it again. Till...

Well I'm not really sure where or how or even when I stumbled across the Library again. But something refreshed my memory. "OH! I think I'll participate in this."

The whole project is called the Sketch Book Project. Check them out for the particulars.

I had grand ideas that I was going to make the most lovely color themed sketchbook in the land. Resembling an antique heirloom story book. Well it turned out pretty good but not as well put together as I dreamed.

I am not much of a sketcher so this was actually a good exercise for me to participate in.

Soon the book will be digitized and be in the on line library. I'll post a link.

Friday night was the opening of all the 2013 books. From the Brooklyn library they will take off on a tour around the country. My work will be viewed by people from all over. How exciting.

Enjoying one of my selects

At the opening you get a library card at one station. Then you move over to the next station where you fill out a short questionaire as to what type sketch book you'd like to see. The librarians pull one from your selection as well as giving you a random sketch book to flip through. It was super cool.

Other folks enjoying the experience

The Librarians

Why not have a look for yourself and give it a try it really is a lot of fun.

They also host other projects. Just this past Friday I participated in the 5 minute sketch project. They give you a theme and 5 minutes then you upload your creation to Flcker.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Scary Little Things

As usual where does my time go?

I'm not getting to paint as much as I like. It could be that work gets in the way. Running gets in the way so does cooking, shopping, taking care of French bulldogs and life in general.

Can someone please give me some cheese to have with my whine!

I have finished one piece just the other day. Queen of the Silver Fish.

I do believe I will continue along with the theme of Scary Little Things. I'll probably be painting a lot of bugs. That seems to be my number one fear. I'll probably have to branch off and paint typical fears of other people as well. Because I actually like a lot of good subject matter. For instance I like bats, snakes and rats all of which would be perfect for this theme.

My fears WOULD include...
• Spiders
• Centipededs
• Getting old
• Crabs (the kind in the ocean)
• Rolly Pollys
• Camel Crickets super yikes!
• Praying mantis (I don't know the plural form)
• Living in Alaska the remainder of my years or anywhere else that is super cold

I'll have to keep exploring this. What are some of your fears?