Friday, February 22, 2013

Scary Little Things

As usual where does my time go?

I'm not getting to paint as much as I like. It could be that work gets in the way. Running gets in the way so does cooking, shopping, taking care of French bulldogs and life in general.

Can someone please give me some cheese to have with my whine!

I have finished one piece just the other day. Queen of the Silver Fish.

I do believe I will continue along with the theme of Scary Little Things. I'll probably be painting a lot of bugs. That seems to be my number one fear. I'll probably have to branch off and paint typical fears of other people as well. Because I actually like a lot of good subject matter. For instance I like bats, snakes and rats all of which would be perfect for this theme.

My fears WOULD include...
• Spiders
• Centipededs
• Getting old
• Crabs (the kind in the ocean)
• Rolly Pollys
• Camel Crickets super yikes!
• Praying mantis (I don't know the plural form)
• Living in Alaska the remainder of my years or anywhere else that is super cold

I'll have to keep exploring this. What are some of your fears?


  1. Old porcelain dolls & basements...creepy

  2. suburbia
    moths with really big fat bodies
    Second vote on the camel crickets - double yikes!