Art works

Bumble Bunny!
Baker Necklace, Cup Cakes anyone?
My Little Fire Dancer Paper Doll. The set was quite popular- I should do some more!
This is my Butcher Necklace. Isn't she so sweet?
Here are some samplings of my past works. I also do commission pieces for art and jewelry. Just contact me!

This piece is really a self portrait about my art collecting both on my skin and my walls. The title is "No More Room"

This piece must have went to someone very special. It is so sweet and creepy at the same time. The title is "Puppet Show"

I did this piece from several photos that I took out at Coney Island. I made my own "Shark Ride"

One day while walking down the street I found a long knitted tube and I thought to myself "That must be a sweater for a snake" So it just had to become a painting.

This is "The Devil Made me Do it" It is a self portrait of me on the shoulder of one of my favorite singers Diablo Dimes. He uses it for his Facebook profile

This is yet another self portrait. This one is called "Red Lipstick on a Gray Train" It is about being different and not getting caught up in the hum drum of life.

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