Tuesday, July 31, 2012

EVERYDAY art show

So last month I had an art opening at Dye Pretty Salon and Gallery in Winston-Salem. This month I am participating in a group show there curated by Charlie Cook. It is called EVERYDAY art show.

I must say it looks as if it is shaping up to be super cool! I've seen some of the photos of pieces that will be there and I like what I see.

I think if you live near there you should go check it out. I'm just sad I will miss seeing it all in person.

Winston-Salem's art community rocks! I do miss it.

This is my piece for the show. "Knock Out!"
Opening Friday August 3rd
Dye Pretty Salon
621 Trade St  Winston Salem, NC 27101

(336) 917-6004

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nearly 5 years ago I had this great idea to move to Miami. Somehow I ended up in New York. I am quite grateful for this detour. I have had nothing but fun in THE City. I am not a life time New Yorker nor will I ever be. I dislike winter way too much. But while I am here I am making the most of this wonderful opportunity. I've done more here than most people that I know that are FROM here.

I'm just gonna give you a list- a partial list of all done thus far. If ever you're up this way please feel free to ask for recommendations. I love telling people about this magnificent city. Also if there is something NOT on this list that I should experience please please let me know.

1. Coney Island ( like duh, I practically live there)
a. Mermaid parade
b. Hot dog eating contest
c. Tattoo bike and tattoo show (I won best back tattoo!)
d. Burlesque shows
e. Freak shows
f. Film Fest
g. Rockabilly Fest
h. sunken boat tour

In Front of the Cyclone which I've ridden once and that was enough

2. Yankee Games- old and new stadium

Inside OLD stadium

3. Elis Island

4. Governor's Island

5. Tram to Roosevelt Island

6. Hi-Line Park

7. Central Park

8. Cloisters

9. Learned to Burlesque Dance

10. Christmas light display in Dykers Heights Brooklyn

This was a fun Christmas Eve thing to do
11. Greenwood Cemetary

12. Train Show at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

13. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

14. Macy's 4th of July Fireworks

15. Macy's Holiday Parade

16. Broadway and off B-way shows
a. Wicked
b. Blue Man
c. De la Guarda
d. Fuerza Bruta

17. Sleep No More (Can't even explain this one!)

This mask was involved in Sleep No More
18. NY Transit Museum

19. Learned to surf at Long Beach Long Island

First day of surfing- my newest obsession

20. Air Power Museum Long Island

What a cool place to visit
21. Learned to be a pin up model

Can you say "cheese"?!
22. Saw the space shuttle
Look way in the distance in the mid left
23. Edgar Allen Poe walking tour

24. Fashion's Night Out

25. 1920s Lawn Party

How lovely we all were that day!
26. Giglio Feast Brooklyn

27. Christmas windows

28. Easter Bonnet Parade

This man and his poodle and parrot are at all the parades

29. Halloween Parade

Dia De Los Muertos

30. Tug Boat Races

In another life I'd like to work on a tug
31. Hidden Harbor Tour

32. Restaurant Week

33. The Intrepid

I pass her every day on my way home from work

34. Fleet Week ship tours

A tall ship training vessel
35. Iceskating in Central Park

36. Abandoned City Hall Subway Station Tour

This place was amazing with beauty
37. Amateur Night at the Apollo

38. Emerald Nuts New Years Eve run

39. Modeled in a Steam Punk fashion show

40. Roller skated central park old school style

41. Tour of Red Hook Brooklyn where some might good Key Lime Pie lives.

42. Met Chris Isaak (again)

Such a cutie! Oh and he sings really pretty too.

There are still a few known things on my list that I want to do...
1. Run the NYC Marathon. Which I will be doing this November
2. 5 Borough bike ride (need a better bike first)
3. Visit the Russian baths in the Lower East Side
4. Dinner at one of the Russian night clubs in Brighton Beach

When I leave this place I plan on being really really tired!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is my family!

My family is cool I must say. So I'm home (NC home) visiting. We come for Heavy Rebel Weekend every year and I usually try to have an art show at the same time. See previous posts.

Anyway my older sister Lisa, her husband Randy and my niece Chyna came up for a quick visit too.

We hiked- well walked around Pilot Mountain yesterday. That was a comedy show and a whole other story. Today was to be Old Salem day. Which is a fun visit while one visits Winston-Salem. I used to live there so I feel it's my old stomping grounds.

But before we could go... We had to color a picture. Yep- in a coloring book. And yes with crayons. Here is where things stand right now- in order of appearance... Mindy (younger sis) Chyna (niece), Dad, Me, Randy (brother -in-law) and Lisa (older sis)

I'm doing this via the phone so excuse the appearance!

I had a great time, but will be glad to get back to my adopted home of NYC and get to finishing up some commission work that I have going on.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer time shinannigans

Summer is in full force and I'm loving it!

Some people like to ditch the city when the heat arrives. Not me- no way! Summer is my favorite time in the city. 

I've had a lot going on. I'm finishing up everything for this coming Friday's art show at Dye Pretty in Winston-Salem.

New necklaces and wall hanging displays

However I am still finding time to have some summer time fun!

Of course I've hit up Coney Island several times. We went to the Mermaid Parade ball. That was a lot of fun. I can't believe what I did though...

I wore the same outfit as I did last year. Gasp! This is soooo unlike me. But with the art show coming up I just couldn't take extra time to do a new out fit.

It was nice to wear my crown that I made again anyway.

The other night it was Yankee Game time. Thy lost, but we had a good time anyway. It's nice to do something during the week.

Yep we were in the nose bleed section. But fun was had by all!

Heading to the ball

 My latest kick is surfing! I've always wanted to try it. Out of the many many times of going to the beach I finally decided to give it a whirl. Thanks goes to my friend Vanessa who's idea it was and who set up the lessons for the both of us. Now we're both hooked.

Catching a wave

And another

This is on our second day of surfing
I've still been biking and training for the marathon too. I'm up to 13 miles. Half way there! I'm a little worried how training will go while I'm home in NC for a week. But I've put 2 runs on my schedule and I plan to stick to it!