Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy thanksgiving

6am came mighty early this morning. It was tough rolling out of bed especially after having a cold for a week. I started to back out of our Thanksgiving tradition of going to the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. But once I got moving I started feeling better.

So now it is the end of the day and I have yet one more thing to be thankful for... I'm thankful I did drag myself out and up to the parade. It was a beautiful day and I snagged a good viewing spot.

Here are a few of the pics I took. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Give Away!!

Send me a message here and I will put your name into a hat for a drawing for one of my paper dolls! There are 3 in the collection and you will get your choice. The drawing will be on Monday November 28th.

Great for giving as a gift, putting on your Holiday Tree or framing on the wall.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving everybody. Remember what the season is truly about.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ode to Millicent

For rather selfish reasons I am a bit on the blue side tonight.

I made the mistake of opening my Face Book this evening. What did I see? Well I saw my friend Millicent  Greason-Spivak is retiring from her fantabulous art gallery- Urban Artware.

Don't get me wrong, I am sooooo happy for her. She's been holding down the fort there for... well, I'm not even sure how long. So if anyone deserves a break she does!

So if she decides her next gig is to dig ditches. I will support her all the way. Because after all, ditches need to be dug, and hers would be the most spectacularly glitterized ditch on the planet and I'd go visit it.

All I know is I hope this endeavor will allow for her to do more of her own art. She's a wonderful talent and I can't wait to see what she does next.

All this does not however settle my selfish sadness over the matter. Milli was the first person to show my work.

With the influence of my good friend John Lucas I went to see Millicent one day with a handful of my art. At the time I just painted things to decorate my apartment with.

Well she agreed to show some of the pieces at Utban Artware and low and behold, they sold. So that was the beginning of my art career. So without Millicent I might would be on the side of the road somewhere with nothing to show for myself.

Millicent has allowed me to have several shows there. So as you see I'm sad for myself. I'm also sad for everyone who will miss Urban Arrtware. And there are many many many.

Alas, it may be the end of UA as I know it. But it is the beginning of a whole new chapter for my good friend Millicent.

Milli- I wish for you all the sparkledy goodness that you have comming to ya! So you get ready and enjoy. I love you.

Here are a few pics of my shows past at Urban Artware. Enjoy.

Millicent and Me at my last opening at Urban Artware
Andrea Kennington jewelry designer extroidonaire along with Stella and myself at the opening of Cupcakes and Creeps

Taking a bite out of my Creepy Cupcake

Opening of Freaks Geeks and Beauties at Urban Artware.

April Showers Bloody flowers miniature show at UA

Bart and Erin Rippin hearing my 2cents worth during April Showers

Even lil' ones enjoy Urban Artware. Thanks for coming Oscar!

Delightfully Dreadful Tales opening

Two wonderfully special people. Kristi Marion writer of the blog Southern as Biscuits and Millicent the glitter princess.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Skulls Skulls Everywhere

I don't have to tell you how popular skulls have become. They are everywhere these days. Fads come and go, but this fad is all about ME! I've been collecting and painting skull themed things before they hit the main stream.

With their popularity at the present, it does make it a lot easier to find some really cool things. And once this trend has passed I can say for sure I'll still be wearing and displaying my collection.

I thought we'd have a little look at some of my pieces...

This beautiful skull candle was a gift from Millicent Greason and Chris Teague when I moved to NY.

This piece I picked up in LA.  The artist's brother was selling them. It's signed Glez, but I can't find any info on him.

My husband bought this piece at Rebus Works in Raleigh. It's a wonderful gallery if you're in the area you should check it out. It's signed MMBC but again, I cant find info.

I also have collected quite a bit of skull jewelry. This first batch is all from one of all time fave jewelry stores. But alas brick and mortar store in the LES no longer exists. But check out the online store. Exhibitionist Jewelry. I already saw something I want just opening up the link to copy it here. Aggggh!

I love these earrings. The heart stones are actually a deep garnet. 
When I was walking by the store a few years back they just happened to be closing that day so they were having a SALE! I snatched up these 2 little beauties. The baby skull is soooo tiny I love it.
This is my favorite piece from there. This was an anniversary gift Lee had custom made for me. One skull has red eyes the other light blue.
Now lets move on to another favorite jewelry maker of mine. Tarina Tarantino. She's totally opposite of Exhibitionist. Her pieces are super sugar sweet.

Blue skull and cross earrings

These little darlings were free with purchase. Love that!

This was the first piece of her's that I bought. In Scottsdale AZ of all places.

Close up 1

Close up 2

Cute little simple skulls and bows! Photographed on a piece from one of my favorite artists- Leanne Pizio. Head over and check her out. She does amazing things. We bought this piece because it looks like our dog Elvira and I love bats!
I don't restrict myself to just human shaped skulls. Oh no. Pigeons are also good. Bought this piece at the Rumblers Car show a few years back.

I treated myself to an Alexander McQueen scarf last week.

I made these little ditties myself. Watch out Tarina!
Here is another gift from my wonderful husband. He knows the way to my heart is a Roberto Coin diamond skull ; )
These might have been my first skull purchase. I picked them up at a bead shop in Carborro NC. I love the little curl in the middle of her forehead.
Last but not least a sweet super detailed skull ring that I alway wear with my ruby and diamond band. The skull came from a cool shop right up the street EVOLUTION. Check the link, they have a great online store.
I think that is the end of my collection. I hope you enjoyed. Now you know what you can get me for Christmas. WINK WINK!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Progress on Big fish eat little fish

Today is Friday- painting day!

It's been a little while since I've painted. With focusing on the jewelry, the painting had gone on the back burner.

I was soooo ready. A bit concerned that I wouldn't remember how. This painting is quite complex so it could all go really wrong. But so far so good.

First this morning I had to rework the sketch a little and transfer it to my panel.

Then I painted on it for about 5 hours.

Many more hours to go, but I feel I got a good start on it today.

I'm using mobile blogger right now. So I'm not sure how this is gonna look. Thought I'd give it a whirl.

Close up of flying fish
One layer of sky and mountains 
Pretty good start, many more layers to go!