Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tattoos and Lawn Parties

I count the the weekend as starting on Friday. Usually I am at home working on art projects on Fridays but this past week I had to adjust my schedule a bit.

So as a treat I thought I'd celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Monster had been before so Elvira was the lucky winner this time.

Here she is earning her keep.

After a nice day at work a good dinner was in order. So over to the West Village we go to the Spotted Pig.

I had a deviled egg that was $4.00. My southern friends probably are saying "what the heck, are you kidding?" Those of you from NY are probably thinking "That's not a bad deal." Any way it was good but not as good as my Momma's deviled eggs!

I finished up the meal with Grilled Octopus. Now my Momma does not make octopus what so ever. 

Saturday morning starts early in the O'Brien house hold. We have dogs that need walking plus we need to go on a run to work off some of the calories from the night before.

It is also O'Brien day at the tattoo parlor. I am finishing up my back. I have been working on it piece by piece for several years. First came my nautical star at top by Winston-Salem tattoo artist- Daniel Ferguson. Next was the Coney Island funny face by NY artist Chris O'Donnell.

I was happy with this situation for many years till I got the bug again. So one day I decided I needed some mermaids to complete the look. Michelle Tarantelli was the artist responsible. These were my first pieces by a female artist. She is such a dear and I had a great time getting work done by her.

Yesterday we added an old school anchor to the piece. Have a look at the "finished" work. There are a couple spots I might can fit something else. So I am living with it for a bit ; )

Moxie and Maybelle

That was the big day Saturday but Sunday is a whole new day full of adventure...

Sunday started just as early. There are dogs to walk and groceries to get. Uggggh.

But there is also a 1920s Lawn Party to attend!

I reused last week's Mermaid Parade crown 'cause I put a lot of work in that thing so why not?!!? It goes with my look.

Fashion Note: Dress- Anna Sui on sale at Anthropologie for $69
              Shoes- From local mini chain ShoeGasm around $50
              Black beads- vintage   
              Parasol- Badgley Mischka originally $120 I paid around $20 at Daffy's

We met up with some friends out on Governor's Island for a splendid afternoon. Thanks for a wonderful time Susan, J-F, Brandi, Amanda, Erin and Jeanie!

Lee was there looking rather spiffy as well! He picked up the shades from a dealer at the party for 10 bucks. Deal-o-the-Day!

My lovely Diana Camera made the trip with me again. I took the film to be developed today. Ahhhh the anticipation. Just like the good ol' days!

After all the dancing (just watching this time), the conversation and eating it was time to head back to the city via the Ferry. What a lovely view.

Well you would think this would be the end to a fine weekend. Ah but no! On our way to the Lomo store to have my film developed we got in the midst of the Gay Pride Parade NYC! Even though we only got to see the last bit of the parade- what a special event to have the chance to witness!

I'm off to good ol' North Carolina this week for friends, family and Heavy Rebel Weekend. SO I am sure I will have plenty to share upon my return!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2011

Oh joy! It is the best day of the year. The Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. I woke up yesterday to perfect weather, my outfit was prepared, I could hardly wait to make the 45 minute commute from the apartment to the Festivities.

Friday I went and got a new camera. I am going back in time. I'm tired of taking digital pics only to have them just sit on this computer. So I'm going old school with a 1960s remake of the Diana 110mm Camera. But alas I will have to post those pics later as I will need to get them developed!

Notice the pretty white color. I figured that it would go with everything. A girl does have to match after all!

I just love this guy. I see him at a lot of events we go to. He looks a bit rough but I sat with him one night out at Coney on the Board Walk and he was very sweet. I felt special that he found me interesting enough to take MY photo.

What is Coney without a clown? And what a clown he was!

The thing I love about Coney is that there are old people, young people, gay, straight, Black, White, Latino, strange, normal...
And they are there to have fun and they are all getting along.


Young at heart


Normal (debatable)

Even puppies took time to enjoy the day.

I also found Captain Jack Sparrow. He looks a bit different in person however!

Whoa attach of the giant bird!

Such a pretty blue Mermaid.

This guy just flew in from Egypt.

I'd like to hear some of his stories!

This is Jamie from the Freak Bar. He is the first person I ever met out at Coney when we first moved up here.

A happy little jelly fish?

Hubba Hubba!

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Having fun.

This man's strength was incredible!

Fashion note:

Crown- hand made by yours truly
Baby arm necklace- hand made by Louise Black (she was on Project Runway tv show)Louise Black
Bustier- By Dark Pony Designs Dark Pony

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Mermaid Parade! Till next time.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yum yum come get you some!

Years ago I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Winston-Salem. There was a vendor there rolling his cart of goodies up and down the route. His call out was "Yum yum, come get you some! Cotton Candy, Candy Apples...!" It is now a regular saying in my vocabulary.

Those treats he spoke of inspired my newest creation. Cotton Candy earrings.

I took some wool that I picked up at the drug store and dyed it in some lovely Hibiscus tea. The color is a nice soft pink not too harsh. Next I made some tiny cones out of good ol' sculpy. After I baked those up I painted them a nice antique white color with soft pink spirals. I wanted them to look kinda vintage. Then I wired them up connecting them to the earring hooks with a cute little brass antique-y looking bow.

I also made them where the candy is off white and the cones have pale blue spirals. 

They are up for sale on my ETSY site. So "Yum yum, come get you some!" Pink Cotton Candy Earrings

Most of you who know me, know that I have had dreams of running away with the Carnival. NOT the circus have you... the Carnival or the fair as we call it back home.

Alas I have not a talent to allow this to happen. I can't eat fire, or swallow swords. I think I could probably lay on a bed of nails but I don't even have one to practice on.

Soooo as I was dreaming of what I could do I realized I have had the talent all along. I could be the banner painter!

One of my favorite artists is Johnny Meah.Meah Art

Unfortunately Coney Island already has their resident painter Marie Roberts. Check out some of her work. Marie Roberts

So for now I will just have to display my banners here in the "virtual world"

Tiny The Tattooed Tot

Penguin Girl

This is one of my favorite pieces that I have ever done. The Faces were removable and at my art opening I took Poloroids of people posing their faces in the piece.

The newest piece is a family portrait that I did not long after we moved to New York. The whole family is involved. Me, Lee, Monster and Elvira!

Maybe one day my dream of being the banner painter will come true till then I'll just be the sign painter of my own carnival!

Next week... Coney Island Mermaid Day Parade!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Open for Business. Come one come all. Step right this way!

I have been working hard to get my ETSY store of hand made/hand painted jewelry up and running. I finally made it!

Freaks Geeks and Beauties ETSY store

I must say I really love making the pieces. It is the most fun I have had creating in a while. I even enjoy the photo shoots that I do for the pieces. But I do not "LOVE" all the computer work part. But I feel in this day and time it has to happen.

Yesterday my husband and I did a shoot down by the Hudson River here in NYC. I sure spend a lot of time there. That is where I run for exercise, it's where I walk the dogs sometimes, it's where I occasionally go to relax and read. It really is beautiful over there.

Here is one of my wrist corsages called "Candy Cane Cowboy"

I had in mind to go shoot by the giant Lucy Ball Alliums. Tuesday on my run they were magnificent. But low and behold they were already spent on Saturday. Sure glad I saw them in all their glory!

This corsage is called "Not So White" it is from a painting I did a while back by that title. 

I painted my version of Snow White with sleeves of tattoos. I painted her on a vintage bed sheet that I stretched like a canvas. I love that effect. I might have to revisit that sometime.

This is another one of my wrist corsages. I took this from a recent painting called Dandy Doodle. I love this little girl holding her Dandy of a monkey. 

As we were out shooting I found this great little patch of lavender flowers just right for shooting close ups on!

This is a pin corsage version of Dandy Doodle. Set upon a hand made rosette out of off white lace and ribbon. Trimmed with vintage tinsel.

This is my favorite piece so far. She is in my series "The Butcher, The Baker, The Lil' Tattoo Maker" This one is Beatrice. I just love the color combo of the cameo along with the meats. All kinda pinks. So it is sweet and kinda disturbing at the same time. I wore this to work the other day and had comments from even strangers on the streets!

Here is another close up of the charms.

There are quite a few other pieces that we shot yesterday go check them out in my store. And please pass it along to anyone you may know that would like such.

Again thanks for looking! Cheers, till next week!

Freaks Geeks and Beauties ETSY Store