Sunday, June 5, 2011

Open for Business. Come one come all. Step right this way!

I have been working hard to get my ETSY store of hand made/hand painted jewelry up and running. I finally made it!

Freaks Geeks and Beauties ETSY store

I must say I really love making the pieces. It is the most fun I have had creating in a while. I even enjoy the photo shoots that I do for the pieces. But I do not "LOVE" all the computer work part. But I feel in this day and time it has to happen.

Yesterday my husband and I did a shoot down by the Hudson River here in NYC. I sure spend a lot of time there. That is where I run for exercise, it's where I walk the dogs sometimes, it's where I occasionally go to relax and read. It really is beautiful over there.

Here is one of my wrist corsages called "Candy Cane Cowboy"

I had in mind to go shoot by the giant Lucy Ball Alliums. Tuesday on my run they were magnificent. But low and behold they were already spent on Saturday. Sure glad I saw them in all their glory!

This corsage is called "Not So White" it is from a painting I did a while back by that title. 

I painted my version of Snow White with sleeves of tattoos. I painted her on a vintage bed sheet that I stretched like a canvas. I love that effect. I might have to revisit that sometime.

This is another one of my wrist corsages. I took this from a recent painting called Dandy Doodle. I love this little girl holding her Dandy of a monkey. 

As we were out shooting I found this great little patch of lavender flowers just right for shooting close ups on!

This is a pin corsage version of Dandy Doodle. Set upon a hand made rosette out of off white lace and ribbon. Trimmed with vintage tinsel.

This is my favorite piece so far. She is in my series "The Butcher, The Baker, The Lil' Tattoo Maker" This one is Beatrice. I just love the color combo of the cameo along with the meats. All kinda pinks. So it is sweet and kinda disturbing at the same time. I wore this to work the other day and had comments from even strangers on the streets!

Here is another close up of the charms.

There are quite a few other pieces that we shot yesterday go check them out in my store. And please pass it along to anyone you may know that would like such.

Again thanks for looking! Cheers, till next week!

Freaks Geeks and Beauties ETSY Store

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