Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend Busy time!

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Come see the The Cosmorama of the Great Dreamland Fire of 1911! Come one come all, step right this way.

Friday night climbing the stairs into the Coney Island museum I was not quite sure what I was getting into. Lee (my husband) and I do some weird things sometime. This was billed as being a reenactment of the 1911 Fire that destroyed Dreamland in Coney Island. I was not sure how they were to reenact a fire and I was a bit concerned that the fire department was going in ahead of me. But I figured their presence was a good thing, even though they didn't have their hoses with them!

Anyway it was a really cool event. Everyone was in their vintage attire and it was sponsored by Hendricks Gin.

There was a dramatic reading of the News Paper article about the fire complete with "mouth made" sound effects. There was a contortionist. There was a puppet show with a creepy doll and then there was the Cosmorama.

Sorry no photos. I'm such a goody-goody. The signs said no touching, no photos and I listened. Probably the only person that did. But here is a diagram. I have to go back actually to see the full thing. It was just way too crowded and I'm way too short. SO really I didn't see a thing. But it is a permanent exhibit and I'm sure I'll be back at Coney next week for some event.

I joke all the time that I need a summer home out at Coney. 

I also worked on Jewels all weekend. I did a few more necklaces several more bracelets or what I am calling "art corsages" Plus I got many more in the works.

Oh! I also got the go ahead to do my pins for the Art-o-mat machines. (See earlier post) So I'll be rolling with those soon and will let you know where they go.

Here is my "Lil' Tattoo Maker" necklace. She is part of my series "The Butcher, The Baker and The Lil' Tattoo Maker"

This piece features a hand painted "Cameo" in oil with red crystals and a  red rose adornment. The charms are all "old school" tattoo items. There are swallows, nautical stars, an anchor and a stone skull all in black. There are also some vintage beaded charms for added decoration.

A few years back I got into painting big eyed Jesus. I thought I'd revisit him again for a necklace. I just love this piece! There are some vintage crosses that I found in a little town called Cool Spring New York. There are red beads representing the blood from Jesus.

Again this is a hand painted miniature oil painting. So tiny but I still put a lot of detail in. Check out the crown of thorns!

Also in view in this photo is one of my art corsages. This is a print from one of my original paintings titled "Not So White" It is made with super soft tulle, vintage tinsel and tiny velvet flowers. All attached to a vintage watch band.

Fashion note: Dress from H & M about 20 bucks. Red lips by MAC- Russian Red.

For all who have been asking when I plan on selling my jewelry. I hope to have my ETSY store up next weekend, fingers crossed. To those in Winston-Salem, I hope to send some of my pieces to Urban Artware. I'll keep ya'll posted.

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Have a happy Memorial Day everyone!

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