Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coney Island Wind and Rain photo shoot

Two posts in one day! I know crazy.

Confession time. I spent the morning in Coney Island doing a Pin up photo shoot with my good friend Jim Poulos. Well it was raining and the wind was blowing like mad. SO my hair was a hot mess!

Anyway I had a great time. I met a new friend. Cecilia Ciamaga. She was such a dear. I do believe it might have been one of her first shoots and she was great!

After combing through the pics I decided there were several worth sharing!

Here's we are in front of the parachute jump. Here is what it looked like back in the day when you could actually take a ride. I'm sure it'd be quite a scary ride in the wind like we had today!

Next we headed to the Gazebo where during the summer they have great dance and Karaoke parties!

We decided to just a couple more shots before heading to Totonno's Pizza. They have been there since 1924! It is really great if you like thin NY style pizza. Probably the best in the boroughs. But I'm a deep dish gal. But shhhh... don't tell anyone.

Cecelia was such a looker. Even the mural couldn't keep his eyes off her!

Like I have said before... any day at Coney is a good day!

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  1. Beautiful location, beautiful subjects, beautiful shots!