Friday, June 22, 2012

Bawdy Broads are coming to town

In a little over two weeks I'll be heading back home to NC. My husband and I have made this an annual event- traveling to Winston-Salem during the 4th of July week. The reason... HRW! For those of you not in the "know" That is the Heavy Rebel Weekend.

New York is great for a lot of things. Live rockabilly music is not one of them. Sure we have our share of bands that'll pass through this summer. But nothing can compare to the dirt, fun and grit that is HRW.

I also usually try to line up an art show during this time. This year is no exception. Since Millicent closed Urban Artware (sniff sniff) I've been showing a little bit at Dye Pretty Salon downtown Winston.

This go round in honor of some of the pin up queens and burlesque dancers that will be gracing us with their presence at HRW- I have several big eyed pin up gals painted on board and shellacked to a candy coated sheen- YUM! I also have some other never before seen pieces that is more my typical style- cute and creepy.

Rumblin' Ruby

Also I will be displaying some of my hand painted cameo necklaces.

Bettie the Vegetarian Butcher

Not only will I be showing off my goods... so will one of my favorite artists... Daniel Vonseggen. I am so excited to be showing with him. I have one of his robot paintings and have admired his work for years. I am excited to see what he's got up his sleeve!
One of Daniel's Robots
So please stop on by Dye Pretty Salon 621 North Trade Street, Winston-Salem on Friday July 6th to see some Bawdy Broads. I'm thinkin' it's going to be a riot!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where does my weekend go?

Every weekend of my summer seems to fly by at record speed. There is so much to do and see and eat. I need another ME to get it all done sometime.

For the sake of my writing here we'll pretend my weekend starts on Friday. Since I think most people think I just don't work on Fridays and I sit at home eating bon bons with my feet up. Oh contraire!

Friday I painted for 8 hours straight. That's about the max my neck can take.

Most of the pieces in this photo were started Friday. They will be for sale soon in Winston-Salem so start saving your pennies!

Art in Progress... I don't want you to see too much till they're finished
Friday night was also chore night. Ugggh. Bed Bath and Beyond time. New sheets are needed. So we hop on our bikes and take the sketchy trip up 6th Ave. We lived to tell about it and it takes a quarter of the time as the subway.

Maybelle with her flowers and basket ready for chore night

We return the sheets to the apartment and hop back on our bikes and hit up The Spotted Pig for dinner. We'd eaten there before and left happy. This time not so much. We got stuck in the window at the bar with ants. The service was ssssslllllooooowwwwww. We spent $94 and I had to leave and get a slice of pizza. The food's flavor was fine but nothing to write home about.

The we went to the Orient Express for a cocktail. The place is totally cute all decked out in vintage train gear. Their cocktails are quite lovely as well. Only one though cause we're biking plus we forgot our lights and it's close to dark.

It's just a little sliver of a place
Saturday morning is running day. I head our for a 12 miler. No photos to report here too busy just trying to breath and make it there and back. But it was a nice run up the Hudson from Canal to 100 and something Street and back. Well I'm about half way to my marathon mileage. Whew!

The remainder of the daylight hours is spent painting some more.

The night holds a trip up the street for some Mexican yumminess. At El Portal on Elizabeth Street. I get the pumpkin flower dish. You gotta try it if you get the chance.

Along the way we happened upon this cool sculpture. It is about twice human size.

On the way home I need a cup cake. So it's a quick hop into George Town Cupcakes. I just get plain vanilla with chocolate icing today. Too good.

Love the pink glitter mixer. It makes the cupcakes better
Sunday morning warrants a trip to the gym to replenish my muscles. There's lots to do so we're up at 7am. Yeah on Sunday.

The is the view from the gym. I wish our apartment had a view like this.
Back home we do a whirlwind cleaning on the apartment and then it's off to Coney! Yippy!

A perfect day at the beach
Now I'm sitting here with my tummy full of sushi that we had delivered writing this blog and waiting for my groceries to be delivered.

Next weekend is surfing and a tour of a vacant subway station. More on that later!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to ME!

As I was downloading my pics for today's blog I noticed that it has been one year that I've been writing and sharing my creations and New York City living here on my humble blog! What fun it has been.

Well what I have I been up to?

Geeze where to start. Well today I went for an 11 mile run this morning to get the juices flowing. Then I started some sketches for some pin up paintings that I am doing.

I'm having an art show in July in Winston-Salem which will feature several of my pin up and burlesque gals along with some other new pieces and new jewelry.

Sneak Peek!
Speaking of Burlesque... I just took some classes at the New York School of Burlesque. I had such fun. I even learned to tassel twirl. And let me just say burlesque is NOT striping. It is theatrical strip TEASE. Leaving some things up to the imagination of the audience. I'll keep ya posted on when I decide to perform. My name by the way is Lilac A-Daisy.

"Official" graduation certificate
Last week I found some great vanity mirrors from China town. I knew I'd think of something to do with them. I'm sad though... The resin I sealed them in does not seem to be curing. So this may be the project that never was.

Last weekend I rode Maybelle (my bike) up to some of the ships that were docked here for Fleet Week. I went on and toured the Eagle. Which is a training vessel. I always love Fleet Week and seeing the sailor boys... um I mean the ships ; )

I've had a box of my paintings gathering dust on top of our armoire for some time now. Finally I dug them out and opened a "gallery" in our entry hallway. It was like visiting old friends. I had forgotten about some of these pieces.

Just like Christmas!

A nice welcome upon entering the apartment

While walking around in the hood the other day, hood meaning SOHO. I came across this great piano player and his little friend who like singing along with him. There are so many creative talented people here in the city it's just so inspirational. I love it so!

Till next time!