Monday, March 26, 2012

Sometimes you just have to be IRRESPONSIBLE

It's Friday morning (painting day) I'm up and out walking the pups at the usual time.

There is lots to get done today, as per usual on my Fridays.

For the past several years Thursdays and or Fridays have been my art days. I stick to this quite religiously. If not, nothing would ever get done. However since we moved to New York I only get Fridays to paint now. Of course I end up with chores to do on some Fridays so I then have to trade off a few hours from Fridays paint day to Saturday and or Sunday. Which in short means, I pretty much work everyday of the week to some extent.

Today I have to get my hair cut and colored. Why today? Because a Saturday appointment is nearly impossible to get.

I'll do several hours of painting before I have to go. Then I can paint when I get back too.

So the beauty parlor is adorable. The name is Wonderland, what more do I need to say? It's located in the Meat Packing district which warrants a short subway ride.
Yep that's me in the mirror with all that tin foil in my hair
Lots of PINK!

The appointment goes smoothly, no big changes today with my look.

Once I step outside I realize there will be no more painting today. It is a wonderful spring day. The kind of day that makes me so happy to be in New York! I know I need to get home and paint but sometimes you have to be irresponsible and say "what the heck".

I start out by hitting up a few of the local shops- All Saints and the Vintage Levi's store. I try on a pair of Marilyn Monroe high waisted jeans. Hmmm, maybe for the winter but no way for the upcoming warm weather.

I meander down Hudson street where I stop and look at some of the spring flowers. Good thing I wore my "walking heels". I enter a "private" garden that has been open to the public for the day.
Lace top from my sister. I got so many comments on it today.
Pretty blooms
Private garden

Continuing along, I run across The Meadow. A store specializing in salt, chocolate and bitters. I remember that I'm clear out of my Pink Himalayan sea salt. So I pick up a container plus a block of French Toast flavored chocolate. Yummmm!

I'd just plopped the first piece of chocolate in my mouth when I see a thrift store with a sign out front "Clothes $20 per bag". Well I can't pass that by, that's practically FREE. So I fill my bag with 2 bloucle jackets. One of which was brand new with a $495 price tag! Also I find a 1950s looking dress suit with a tag that says it was custom made. Splendid!

After my good find I walk pass my gym- and I keep on walking! Ahhh that felt good.


Lee also needed a new hair do. So off we went to Brooklyn to Tom Cat barber for him to get a nice pompadour.

I had a most wonderful day despite not getting everything done that I needed to. The moral of the story is... it is good to be regimented and responsible but not to let life pass you by along the way.

So, yes half of Saturday was spent painting making up time. Which was fine by me because it was a much chillier day. Plus I needed time to get ready for the Coney Island Gala!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The BIG 40

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. Not just any birthday either. It was the BIG 40. Seems as some people dread these big mile stone birthdays. But oh- not I!

I love birthdays. I have since I was a kid so why stop now. After all you get cake, some cards and even gifts sometimes. You're only as old as you feel. I know that is not entirely true, but I feel 29 so I'll just go with it.

For my big day my wonderful husband Lee surprised me with a trip to one of my favorite places- Miami/South Beach. I won't bore you with ALL the details, you can check my FaceBook for that.

It was rather dreamy as we got to spend one night in a Penthouse Suite. Not because that's what Lee booked but just because the kind staff at the Ocean Hotel hooked us up. Thanks! The place was bigger than our NYC apartment even though that is not saying much.
Pool area
Bar area

View from our room
Front at night
Life Guard stand near by
More pool area
One of the pool side cabanas

The next day was the super surprise as we headed to the Fontainebleau. I've dreamed of staying here. All we did was lounge by the pool and loved every spectacular moment of it. I was surprised again with a stunning necklace from my favorite jewelry store Tiffany's of course.


Here I am by the pool. Some reading this may say "Look at her posting her picture here, who does she think she is?" Truth is for 40 I think I look pretty good I know I feel good. All due to working out and eating pretty good most of the time. So yep my birthday was a time to celebrate ME. So for your next birthday you deserve to celebrate yourself as well, we all do!

Thank you Lee my wonderful husband for the best birthday a girl could ask for!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Collection Round 2

Last time I showed you some of my art collection and promised to show you the rest at a later date. Well that date is today!

This piece we commissioned from a friend of Lee's (my husband), J. J. Rudisil. Check out his website. He is one of the most awesome artists I know. For this piece the only thing we told him was that we wanted it Coney Island themed. We still must get it framed to show it's true beauty. But right now it resides in a predominate place in the living room and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

Look at the detail J.J. does, incredible
Love this face.
Just wonderful.
Sitting right next to it is a lovely little ceramic skull we purchased from an LA artist on the beach front in Venice Beach. Unfortunately I don't remember his name- it's signed Glez or Gle3. Each and every skull the artist had was different. I sure wish I would have bought more!

Hand painted skull from Venice Beach
 I picked up this lovely lady at the Rescue Mission in Winston-Salem. I found her quite lovely. I love the soft pinks and those bright red lips. I wonder who she was. What a deal too, she was probably less than $1.00!

I'll call her "Pretty in Pink"

Another one of my favorite artists (and people in general) is Leanne Blake Pizio We own a lot of her pieces. Unfortunately some are in storage as we don't have a lot of display room up here in NYC. I do have a screen print and a pitcher of hers to proudly display.I just the pitcher to hold fresh flowers.

Pink screen print- so lovely
Anyone who knows me knows I love me some BATS!
When I saw this piece I really wanted it bad. It's not what I typically go for but for some reason I just loved this piece. It was crazy and kind of frantic. It's a small piece and to make it have more presence I had it framed with this really wide white and black double mat. It's by Matt Sesow. I bought it from a gallery in Raleigh that I have shown in called Rebus Works. They always have a great collection of work there.
I love this unsettling piece.

Not too long ago we happened upon an opening of yet another favorite artist of mine John John Jesse. I have long admired his style. I was also happy to see him at the opening 'cause he is rather hot! We could not afford an original of his but we did get a limited edition signed print of his and it's the first one! Woo hoo!
This is the print that we have, we're so lucky to get the first one.

See, told ya- HOT!
Several years ago I took a trip up here to get some artistic inspiration and I found myself at MF Gallery where I snagged up this print by Angelique.

Looks amazing on our light blue walls.
I think that is about it. We have tons more art back in NC but when we moved to NYC we just weren't sure how much room we'd have to display things. I can't wait till the day I can go to storage and bring out all my "old friends" and put them back where they belong- on the wall!