Coney Island Baby

Years ago... can't tell you how many... I dreamed of Coney Island. I dreamed it was the most wonderful place in all the land. People there were always happy. How could they not be? The sun, the sand, the food, the amusements...

Finally for my birthday many moons ago I got to go! My birthday is in mid March. So needless to say there was no sun, the sand was frozen, the only food in site was a Nathan's Hot Dog and the amusements were all boarded up.

Was I disappointed? Nope, not at all. I still thought it was the most wonderful place in the world. Camera in hand I explored for hours.

Several years later I got a Coney Island Funny Face tattoo by Chris Oddonnel. It is quite wonderful I must say. I decided Coney Island is a state of mind. And to me it is my happy place. With the image branded onto my skin I am constantly reminded to BE happy!

I spend a lot of time out at Coney. I go to the Freak Shows. I dream of having such a talent where I could be on the stage and hear the cheers of the crowd.

Going to Ruby's Bar is also a favorite thing to do. It is only the best bar in NYC! The culture there is priceless. Young, old; locals, tourists; white, black, Hispanic it doesn't matter everyone is family and everyone is having a ball.

Going to the beach there is even quite special. You may have to dodge a Coney White Fish or two (I'm not even going to say what they really are) But I love to lay under my umbrella having Cerveza's delivered right to me... ICE COLD. What more could I ask for?