Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Butcher, The Baker and the Lil' Tattoo Maker?

Well as most of you know- I like to work in themes. So for my first necklaces that I've been doing I've chosen The Butcher, The Baker and the Lil' Tattoo Maker. Cause who wants to create a necklace about a "Candle Stick Maker" after all. Tattoos are much better than candle sticks.

For these necklaces I am finding pieces and parts from all over. From antique stores, fabric stores and the web. I first find me a cameo frame then cut a tiny canvas to paint on, which I then back with canvas board to give it more structure.

After I do the tiny painting I decide how to lay the necklace out and what type of charms and goodies will tell the story.

For "Bettie the Butcher" I made my own "meat" charms out of polymer clay. Really it's Sculpy like from back in the day. But POLYMER CLAY just sounds better. I added vintage glass beads to make it quite fancy. 

Bettie the Butcher 

Bettie is complete with her bloody apron as not to mess up her cute blue frock.

So for the Bonnie the Baker piece I knew cupcakes were in order. So I got myself a tiny cup cake mold and made nearly a dozen or so cupcakes again out of Polymer clay. I chose only the finest few for this piece. Then I added vintage beads and findings. Even some silk ribbon and swarovski crystals make an appearance here.

Bonnie The Baker

So here are the first 2 in my series. You'll have to wait till next week to see the "Lil' Tattoo Maker" She is well underway and will probably be my favorite. But goodness I just don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to do.

These photos were shot in my kitchen and on the mean streets of SOHO. Normally here I'd mention a bit about my outfit I put together. But this outfit merits no mention of anything. It was Freaking Cold today. It is near June and I was freezing all day! Maybe one day spring will come!

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