Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tattoos and Lawn Parties

I count the the weekend as starting on Friday. Usually I am at home working on art projects on Fridays but this past week I had to adjust my schedule a bit.

So as a treat I thought I'd celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Monster had been before so Elvira was the lucky winner this time.

Here she is earning her keep.

After a nice day at work a good dinner was in order. So over to the West Village we go to the Spotted Pig.

I had a deviled egg that was $4.00. My southern friends probably are saying "what the heck, are you kidding?" Those of you from NY are probably thinking "That's not a bad deal." Any way it was good but not as good as my Momma's deviled eggs!

I finished up the meal with Grilled Octopus. Now my Momma does not make octopus what so ever. 

Saturday morning starts early in the O'Brien house hold. We have dogs that need walking plus we need to go on a run to work off some of the calories from the night before.

It is also O'Brien day at the tattoo parlor. I am finishing up my back. I have been working on it piece by piece for several years. First came my nautical star at top by Winston-Salem tattoo artist- Daniel Ferguson. Next was the Coney Island funny face by NY artist Chris O'Donnell.

I was happy with this situation for many years till I got the bug again. So one day I decided I needed some mermaids to complete the look. Michelle Tarantelli was the artist responsible. These were my first pieces by a female artist. She is such a dear and I had a great time getting work done by her.

Yesterday we added an old school anchor to the piece. Have a look at the "finished" work. There are a couple spots I might can fit something else. So I am living with it for a bit ; )

Moxie and Maybelle

That was the big day Saturday but Sunday is a whole new day full of adventure...

Sunday started just as early. There are dogs to walk and groceries to get. Uggggh.

But there is also a 1920s Lawn Party to attend!

I reused last week's Mermaid Parade crown 'cause I put a lot of work in that thing so why not?!!? It goes with my look.

Fashion Note: Dress- Anna Sui on sale at Anthropologie for $69
              Shoes- From local mini chain ShoeGasm around $50
              Black beads- vintage   
              Parasol- Badgley Mischka originally $120 I paid around $20 at Daffy's

We met up with some friends out on Governor's Island for a splendid afternoon. Thanks for a wonderful time Susan, J-F, Brandi, Amanda, Erin and Jeanie!

Lee was there looking rather spiffy as well! He picked up the shades from a dealer at the party for 10 bucks. Deal-o-the-Day!

My lovely Diana Camera made the trip with me again. I took the film to be developed today. Ahhhh the anticipation. Just like the good ol' days!

After all the dancing (just watching this time), the conversation and eating it was time to head back to the city via the Ferry. What a lovely view.

Well you would think this would be the end to a fine weekend. Ah but no! On our way to the Lomo store to have my film developed we got in the midst of the Gay Pride Parade NYC! Even though we only got to see the last bit of the parade- what a special event to have the chance to witness!

I'm off to good ol' North Carolina this week for friends, family and Heavy Rebel Weekend. SO I am sure I will have plenty to share upon my return!

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