Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heavy Rebel and old friends

Every July 4th I get giddy with anticipation of our annual trip home. Home meaning Winston-Salem, NC. After all I lived there for over 30 years of my life.

The July 4th weekend marks the time to celebrate Heavy Rebel Weekend.  And you just can't get more American than that. Hot rods, pin ups, tattoos and music!

My favorite day is Saturday. That is the car show and mud wrestling day. And no I didn't jump in the mud pit, maybe next year.

Here I am with my good friend David Hunter's 1957 Chevy truck. I was quite impressed with it!

Little did I think my dad would show up. And there I was with my tattoos just all out there for him to see. My dad IS NOT A FAN. He didn't say a word and we all had a great time looking at all the cars.

While having a little break from my art work and jewelry making. I did manage to visit a few old friends...

I am a self taught artist and sometimes I look back on my old works and think "uggggh that looks horrible, what was I doing?"

Who knows maybe by looking back I'll come up with something amazing and new!

This is probably the earliest piece that I ran across on my trip. I would guess I did this piece 8 or so years ago. I was into purple shadows! I silver leafed the frame myself too. I may revisit that technique.

This piece I remembered is titled "Little Black Dress" It is about being different and not worrying about it. Embrace your differences, that is what makes you- you! This was done during my fascination with nails and coffee stains.

This piece I did for my dad probably for Father's Day. My dad's hobby is flying control line planes. This piece is actually made of layers of wood for a 3D-ish effect.

Dad is the one in the back

This next piece hangs in a place of honor at my in-law's house above the mantel. I did this one during my Gustav Klimt phase. I find that I paint much better when I just do MY OWN thing. But it was a good experiment.

This one is also in the in-law's house. I actually really love this piece. It is quite large on my scale anyway. I used a lot of graffiti techniques on this one. I used super paint markers, hand made stencils along with acrylic paint all on a plywood panel.

Here is a graphite piece that I did of myself when I was a little girl. To me this has a strong Salvador Dali influence to it.

Up next we have little Opossum my friend Darren's new kitty. He has nothing to do with anything but who doesn't like a cute little kitty!?!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour of some of my "Old Friends." I love seeing where my paintings end up so if you have any photos of a piece of mine in your home please, please email them to me I'd love it!

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