Monday, July 25, 2011

When I moved to NY 3 years ago I dreamed that I would take the art world by storm up here. That is not what has happened. 

Am I disappointed? No, I really am not. 

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing wrong why can't I get some shows up here. Truth is I have been so busy doing and creating art that I just have not had time to search for one.

I've participated in a few group shows up here. One was this really cool skate deck show in a gallery called APW. They had a great space and a wonderful crowd opening night. There were some really great boards on display. The gallery emailed me asking me to keep my boards there in inventory which was fine by me. A few months later when I decided they had been there long enough I went to contact them and they were gone. Out of business. No contact info. So there went 2 of my favorite skate decks. 

The next show was right up my alley... a Halloween themed show sponsored by Fangoria magazine. The setting was a bit strange... in one of my fave sushi restaurants in the city- Avenue A Sushi. But hey, a lot of restaurants feature local artists. The opening night was nice. Quite a few people came out. I even sold a piece- Charlie Chainsaw. It went all down hill after that. I kept getting reports that my pieces were no longer hanging. I'd call and nobody every knew anything. So I stopped by and still no one new anything. They eventually found the missing pieces in the basement. So all ended ok.

Title- An Axe to Grind. Quite an appropriate piece for this show.

Despite these few little bumps in the road I have already had one wonderful art career and I still get giddy thinking about my pieces scattered about the country. I feel very thankful that there a few special folks out there who like my work. THANKS!

I'd like to go back and visit some of the "highs". Not to toot my own horn at all, but just to reminisce and get amped up for what is still to come...

One of my favorite shows was in SEED a coop that I used to belong to Winston-Salem. They were and still are a wonderful group of artists!

The show was Candy Coated Nightmares. I collected vintage lingerie and children's clothing in candy colors to hang amid the space. I painted the walls with candy stripes and drippy drips. For treats to offer visitors to the show I had a ton of old-timey candies and PEEPS with red food coloring spattered on them.

I don't seem to have any photos of that show. It makes me sad. So if you're reading this and you have some please send them my way!

Another show that I had at SEED was Psycho Nanny Nursery. I spent a lot of time finding old kids toys to mix in with my art pieces. Again I painted the walls and stenciled paper dolls all around. I had baby pink and blue balloons all on the ground to wade through in the gallery. The paintings all centered around childhood experiences. 

 Say Cheese!

 Fashion Note: Horns-Made by my dad, Baby Doll top- Betsey Johnson for Victoria Secrets, Jewelry- Vintage pieces

For this show I had the 2-Headed twin panel that you could stick your head through and have a photo made. That was a lot of fun.

My miniatures show was also a lot of fun. No pieces were over 5x7 and most were WAY smaller than that. This was April Showers Bloody Flowers. This show called for giant rain clouds with glitter drops of blood streaming down. My husband helped me with this. We made giant shapes of chicken wire then we covered it with batting and spray painted them dark and stormy. I made foam core drop shapes that I covered in red glitter and dangled from red ribbons.

 My Second Family- The Youngs
Fashion Note: Tutu was from a yard sale of my old dance teacher Miss Dorminy. Necklace: Tarina Tanantino Top: Marshalls

 Looks like someone snuck in for a preview!

I've also had quite a few shows at Urban Artware. Millicent the owner there has treated me so well over the years. I think my fist show there was Freaks, Geeks and Beauties (thus my blog and jewelry line title) I did the entrance in Red and white striped fabric. I had to be on a budget as usual since all extras come straight out of pocket. So I found this real inexpensive vinyl table cloth fabric. It didn't even have to be sewn!

 Step right up ladies and gentlemen to the spectacle that lurks behind these curtains!

For me having an art opening is as exciting as a vacation. It means all the hard work is done and I get to stand around and chat about my work with friends and family and make new friends.

Here are just a few more snap shots from different shows throughout the years.

My niece-Chyna, older sister-Lisa, dad-Tommy, myself and younger sister- Mindy
This show was Delightfully Dreadful Tales
The Opening for Cupcakes and Creeps.
Fashion Note: Tutu- online find, Shirt- Sailor Jerry PJ top

My husband and I made this giant cupcake out of a lamp shade, insulation and baby parts
Here I am with two of my biggest supporters David and Susan Hunter at a group show in High Point, NC

This show was at Rebus Works in Raleigh. It was called Black Valentine.

My next big event will be in September. At an out door art festival in Winston-Salem's Grace Court. This will be showcasing mostly my new jewelry with some small paintings and burlesque side show paper dolls! I can hardly wait.

This weekend I also did a photoshoot at Eastern State Pen in Philly. Despite the 100º weather with no air, it was a lot of fun. Here are just a few shots.

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  1. i remember the cupcakes show posters, they were way cool. your stories about the NYC art scene remind me of a book i was just ready "skinny legs and all" by Tom Robbins - someone goes to NYC to "be an artist" as is surprised at how it's really just a bigger version of what they found back home. Not sure how true to life that is, but there are some other funny parts/comments about the "art world" plus a giant air-stream turkey, so, all-in-all a good book. Look forward to hearing more about your shows and seeing your work on Etsy, seems like a great way to make your cool pieces available to a wider audience.