Monday, August 1, 2011

Rose takes a trip to Coney Island

As a part of my new jewelry line I have been making necklaces with miniature original oil painted cameos. I've been calling them my story cameos. Because I design each one with a story in mind.

I just finished "A Day at Coney"

FYI- Photo taken on Sandra Bullocks stoop

This little gem is near and dear to my heart. During the summer I head out to Coney each and every chance I get. I love the summer so much and it seems so short here in New York. Sometimes I feel I am in a marathon to enjoy each and every ounce summer has to offer.

It was only natural that I do a necklace to celebrate a trip to Coney Island.

My trip starts by packing my bag with a beach towel, a book, sunglasses, a cooler with some lunch and tea, some SPF100 and maybe even a parasol for even more shade! Oh yes and my Diana Camera.

Next I'm catching the E train at Spring Street then transferring to either the F or D train. I take which ever comes first. Either way it takes me about 45 minutes to get there. While the train is underground I may read some in my book. But as soon as it surfaces in Brooklyn I start watching out the windows. I love trying to peek into other people's lives (apartments) as the train whizzes on.

The closer I get to Coney I can start smelling the salt air every time the train doors open. I start seeing more and more people with their swimsuits sneaking out of the top of their city outfits. I see more coolers packed with picnics. More happy faces.

My favorite is to be on the train with someone who has never been to Coney before and I see their face when they catch their first glimps of the Cyclone or the Wonderwheel. At this point they are all like little kids, giddy with anticipation.

When heading out to the beach I typically head to the area in front of the New York Aquarium. It is far enough away from the main attractions where I can find me a little plot of land to steak out my claim but not too far away where I can't hear the joyful sounds of the boardwalk excitement.

Here I start my people watching and I watch and watch and watch some more. My book usually doesn't even make it back out of my bag. I'll tote my camera down to the water and snag a few pics. I'll usually have to make small talk with some really weird person. I have a knack for attracting freaky people.
Back at my spot- I'll start a mental note of all the things I can purchase without even getting up from my towel...
1. Cervesa
2. Agua
3. Soda
4. Cevechi
5. Churos
6. Shots of Vodka
7. T-shirts with tassels
8. Kites
9. Mangos cut into flower bud shapes
10. Necklaces and bracelets
11. Italian ices
12. Cotton Candy
13. Umbrellas
14. Some other alcoholic drink I can never remember

This guy has a cart full of something yummy I am sure
After I've had enough at the beach, I'll pack up my bag and head to the boardwalk for even better people watching. My first stop is by the Dancing Gazebo. Here they blare loud Spanish influenced music through some pretty serious speakers. People are just dancing up a storm. It doesn't matter how hot the temperature is they let loose! There is usually a good crowd of watchers forming a circle around the "dance floor" There are all kinds of dancers partaking- young, old, talented, not so talented, locals, and tourists. I'll usually snap a few pics here and watch and smile for a while.
Just gettin' warmed up

Next I'll go to the Karaoke Gazebo. There is no telling what you will hear here. But it is usually NOT good. I guess that is what makes it even better to watch! Seems like everyone here thinks they sounds really good and sing to the top of their lungs. Once my ears have heard enough I'll mosey on over to Ruby's

Clam shucker at Ruby's
I prefer a seat outside under the umbrellas as this provides the best place to watch the parade that prances up and down the boardwalk. As you sit here having a snack or a beverage you can see everyone strut their stuff. What a show! It rivals the annual Mermaid Parade. I just can not get enough!

If I can manage to pull myself away in time, I'll have a few minutes to stop by the Freak Bar. As if I hadn't already seen enough freaky people for the day! Here is where you can see the real side show. 

There will be Angelica and her provocative fire dances. Heather Holiday will no doubt be swallowing some swords. Donny Vomit will be hammering some nails into his face I am sure. There will probably even be a guest performer from some far exotic land.

The lovely Angelika
By now I really must go, I have a 45 minute to an hour ride back and I must take the puppies out!

Back to my necklace...
First there is the hand painted cameo featuring a black haired beauty named Rose.

There is vintage ivory colored elephant that represents Topsy. She used to live at Coney Island and has become a symbol used on many t-shirts and beach towels. There is a little vial of Coney Island beach sand.
Me gathering the sand

A bright pink bead resembling a beach ball or circus act ball dangles about, while a metal mermaid charm represents the Mermaid parade and all the mermaids that inhabit Coney. A hand made cotton candy looks as if you could take a tiny bite. There are some other vintage beads adding to the look of the piece. Wearing this piece- it'd be like summer everyday! 

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  1. great story about your favorite place. I've been there too, but not like you - meaning only once for short look-see one winter day...