Sunday, August 14, 2011

Burlesque Paper Dolls and Ice cream earrings

As usual I have had a rather busy weekend preparing for the Historic West End ARTSfest!

I've started making paper dolls- with a twist! My first gal is a tattooed burlesque dancer. She comes complete with hinged arms and legs so you can pose her to your liking. She also has a sheet of accessories that you can chose from.

My idea is that you can take her and make your own work of art by putting her in a pre-made 8x10 frame. 
Perhaps you'd like to pose her in the act of dancing and removing her pretty dress?
Maybe you'd prefer her to have on her skivvies and posing with her straight edge and sunshades?
Perhaps serving up a cupcake while wearing her feather headband?
Maybe even sweet and innocent holding her French bulldog head?
You can even add your own items- like a pink "FUN" ticket.

Whatever your fancy I'm sure she'll be adored. I'm now working on the strong man.

To create these I first paint them with water colors. I scan them in the computer then I print them out on archival matte thick stock paper. I then back her with pretty decorative paper to giver her even more weight. I have also signed the back of each doll. The sheet of goodies comes flat for you to cut out the pieces that you want. She is in a clear bag for protection with a Freaks, Geeks and Beauties header holding it all together.



 Also while scouring around on the internet I came across some tiny brass cones. I immediately thought of some earrings that I could make. Ice cream, Ice cream we all scream for Ice cream! With these you will not gain a single pound.


Strawberry and vanilla topped with a cherry and sweet little bow


Perhaps you'd prefer a stylized chocolate swirl?

Everything for the show is shaping up. I look forward to seeing everyone. 

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  1. Maybe catch you at the west end fair !!cheerios, Alex