Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zombies Attack

I have come to realize that Zombies can attack any time of year. They actually don't care if it is Halloween or a full moon or National Zombie Day.

Today they attacked my apartment...
It started yesterday. We were headed to meet up with some friends when I got side tracked by a Market. It was the Hester Street Fair. I figured it was going to be just like any other street fair up here in New York. A lot of sunglasses, zeppoles, and t-shirts. I was pleasantly surprised.

It was more like a flea market art fair. I stumbled across a lady with broken jewelery bits. I was almost afraid to ask the price of the few choice items that I had chosen. To my surprise the total was $3.00. A NY bargain if I ever saw one.

There were several vintage clothes dealers- a weakness of mine. They had some nice stuff and again- great prices. Just nothing to suit my fancy for the day.

I found yummy looking treats home made by the different individuals. But I had just eaten and couldn't bare to try any. I must go back.

Just as I was about to leave I saw an artist with a nice eye catching set-up. The pieces were nice. Kinda cartoony skulls and stuff. But then I saw something in a little stack. There the artist had taken vintage photo card advertisements and had painted skull heads on top of the original photos. I remembered that I have a few of these cards as well. I bought them while antiquing in the spring. I new they would have a special purpose but I wasn't sure at the time what that would be.

So this morning I got up and lit on my art.

First thing to complete was my cousin's tattoo design. She wants a zipper to go over her C-Section scar with her daughter's name and birth date. At first I was no too sure about this idea. All the zipper tattoos I have seen are dark and mucky looking. Even while digging on the internet for reference I wasn't finding anything cute or pretty.

Well I took some inspiration from one of my favorite artists- Sunny Buick. I kept the zipper simple. I didn't put each and every tooth in it. I think all that line work is what was making the others dark and not so pretty. Then I "girlied" it up with some eyelet lace detail and hearts. I sure hope she will like it!

Then it was on to dying some wool blue for my cotton candy earrings.

Then it was varnishing some of my tiny paintings for my cameo necklaces. You'll see those in a later post once they are all complete.

Last but not least it was time for the ZOMBIE ATTACK!

I took my stack of photographer ads and turned everyone into Zombies! First I gesso-ed out their faces and drew in my own versions and painted them with oils. I added a few accessories on some of them for a Tiffany Twist.

The Zombie with Spit Curls

Baby Zombie loves Boo Bear

Sweet Zombie and Cotton Tail

Zombi Baby Bunny

Close up
Zombies Shouldn't Have Straight Razors

Close up

They turned out pretty creepy. And that is good! After today- I now FEEL like a Zombie. I have not been out of my chair all day!

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