Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ode to Millicent

For rather selfish reasons I am a bit on the blue side tonight.

I made the mistake of opening my Face Book this evening. What did I see? Well I saw my friend Millicent  Greason-Spivak is retiring from her fantabulous art gallery- Urban Artware.

Don't get me wrong, I am sooooo happy for her. She's been holding down the fort there for... well, I'm not even sure how long. So if anyone deserves a break she does!

So if she decides her next gig is to dig ditches. I will support her all the way. Because after all, ditches need to be dug, and hers would be the most spectacularly glitterized ditch on the planet and I'd go visit it.

All I know is I hope this endeavor will allow for her to do more of her own art. She's a wonderful talent and I can't wait to see what she does next.

All this does not however settle my selfish sadness over the matter. Milli was the first person to show my work.

With the influence of my good friend John Lucas I went to see Millicent one day with a handful of my art. At the time I just painted things to decorate my apartment with.

Well she agreed to show some of the pieces at Utban Artware and low and behold, they sold. So that was the beginning of my art career. So without Millicent I might would be on the side of the road somewhere with nothing to show for myself.

Millicent has allowed me to have several shows there. So as you see I'm sad for myself. I'm also sad for everyone who will miss Urban Arrtware. And there are many many many.

Alas, it may be the end of UA as I know it. But it is the beginning of a whole new chapter for my good friend Millicent.

Milli- I wish for you all the sparkledy goodness that you have comming to ya! So you get ready and enjoy. I love you.

Here are a few pics of my shows past at Urban Artware. Enjoy.

Millicent and Me at my last opening at Urban Artware
Andrea Kennington jewelry designer extroidonaire along with Stella and myself at the opening of Cupcakes and Creeps

Taking a bite out of my Creepy Cupcake

Opening of Freaks Geeks and Beauties at Urban Artware.

April Showers Bloody flowers miniature show at UA

Bart and Erin Rippin hearing my 2cents worth during April Showers

Even lil' ones enjoy Urban Artware. Thanks for coming Oscar!

Delightfully Dreadful Tales opening

Two wonderfully special people. Kristi Marion writer of the blog Southern as Biscuits and Millicent the glitter princess.


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  2. Great post to Millicent. We are all really sad and are trying to picture the future. and fun to see my brother, Rob, in photo of the opening of Freaks, G, etc.