Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is my family!

My family is cool I must say. So I'm home (NC home) visiting. We come for Heavy Rebel Weekend every year and I usually try to have an art show at the same time. See previous posts.

Anyway my older sister Lisa, her husband Randy and my niece Chyna came up for a quick visit too.

We hiked- well walked around Pilot Mountain yesterday. That was a comedy show and a whole other story. Today was to be Old Salem day. Which is a fun visit while one visits Winston-Salem. I used to live there so I feel it's my old stomping grounds.

But before we could go... We had to color a picture. Yep- in a coloring book. And yes with crayons. Here is where things stand right now- in order of appearance... Mindy (younger sis) Chyna (niece), Dad, Me, Randy (brother -in-law) and Lisa (older sis)

I'm doing this via the phone so excuse the appearance!

I had a great time, but will be glad to get back to my adopted home of NYC and get to finishing up some commission work that I have going on.

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