Monday, March 4, 2013

Sketch Book Project Opening

Years ago Lee and I was visiting New York. This was way before we moved here. I remember we happened upon a place in Brooklyn. A library of sorts that housed tons of sketch books. Lee and I took several off the shelves and thumbed through them. "What fun!!" I thought.

Years went by and I never really thought about it again. Till...

Well I'm not really sure where or how or even when I stumbled across the Library again. But something refreshed my memory. "OH! I think I'll participate in this."

The whole project is called the Sketch Book Project. Check them out for the particulars.

I had grand ideas that I was going to make the most lovely color themed sketchbook in the land. Resembling an antique heirloom story book. Well it turned out pretty good but not as well put together as I dreamed.

I am not much of a sketcher so this was actually a good exercise for me to participate in.

Soon the book will be digitized and be in the on line library. I'll post a link.

Friday night was the opening of all the 2013 books. From the Brooklyn library they will take off on a tour around the country. My work will be viewed by people from all over. How exciting.

Enjoying one of my selects

At the opening you get a library card at one station. Then you move over to the next station where you fill out a short questionaire as to what type sketch book you'd like to see. The librarians pull one from your selection as well as giving you a random sketch book to flip through. It was super cool.

Other folks enjoying the experience

The Librarians

Why not have a look for yourself and give it a try it really is a lot of fun.

They also host other projects. Just this past Friday I participated in the 5 minute sketch project. They give you a theme and 5 minutes then you upload your creation to Flcker.

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