Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Catching up

It has been a while since I've posted on my blog. Sad.

So let's catch up...

I've not been here since Sandy. She blew threw here like a mad woman! We were without power for 5 days. That's a bit creepy in the city where I am used to constant light. It cancelled my marathon that I had trained for months to do. I was sad for personal reasons for that, but thankful we were spared any horrible demise.

I went out and ran Central Park that Sunday anyway. How amazing! Tons of runners from around the world were there. And tons of supporters. People were there taking donations for the victims. It turned out to be a good day for a run. Plus my friend Bonny who had come up to cheer me on got to run with me.

Two cute cheerleaders!

Gathered around the finish line

I decided to sport my bright orange official marathon shirt

Now I am heading to Miami in January to do the marathon there. Yippy!

The day Sandy was to hit I was at home painting. I'd never really used Gouache before so I thought I'd give it a try. Wow that stuff dries FAST!  I really liked using it. I did this little number called "Pure Evil" I guess her name should be Sandy.

Done on lilac paper

A trip to Coney was in order. I did a day of volunteer work to help clean up out there. Since it is my play ground and all I thought it only fair that I pitch in. I really didn't really realize how bad it was out there. Since I had no power for a while I didn't see any of the reports. I just ran or biked to work then came home to more darkness.

The sand buckets at least were water proof

Ruby's was busy cleaning up getting ready to serve customers

Loading up or unloading? I wasn't sure

All the supplies were ready for the volunteers

Thanksgiving was nice. Lee and I usually head to the parade, but this year I thought we'd start our day doing a Turkey Trot. After the 5 mile run I felt I could eat whatever I wanted. I cooked duck, brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. Super good.

I was hoping there was chocolate inside!

To burn off just a few more calories we took the pups on a stroll up Broadway. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is about the only time we can take them there due to all the people. This year it was quite crowded since a lot of the stores think it is now a good idea to be open ON Thanksgiving Day.

I've not decorated for Christmas yet other than my bike. I'm so careful to put my blinky lights on my bike since my ride home now is in the dark. Oh how I hate this time of year! SO I figured a lit Christmas wreath would be cute and safe.

Maybelle's ready to go
This Friday I'm working on my Sketch Book for the Sketch Book Project based in Brooklyn. I look forward to sharing that when complete.

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