Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My mind is tired

Lately my mind has been tired. I don't like it.

Rarely am a physically tired. I do like that.

I just have soooo much I WANT to do, but by time I get home from my run after work and get supper done... I'm DONE as well.

YES I have most of my Fridays off of my freelance gig. I am oh so grateful for that. So Fridays are create days. Sometimes so is Saturday and/or Sunday. But with the weather finally, sort of getting better I'm more tempted to do outdoorsy stuff.

Well enough of my complaining. Let's just ave a look at what I have been up to when I'm not too tired...

Lee and I did the Nashville Marathon. We did it in POURING rain for 26 miles. This was Lee's first and my second. Despite the rain and the mountainous hill we had a good time.

The other night we went over to Brooklyn to see one of my favorite singers... Diablo Dimes. It was in a strange setting... a vintage clothing store named Cool Pony.

He uses a painting that I did as his Face Book page. I'm so flattered. I introduced myself as the artist. He seemed pleased to meet me.

If you've not done so- go check him out.

I've completed a skate deck to go into a group show over in Brooklyn at Bustin Boards. I'm excited about that. Check out the invite here.

Last Friday I took a creative Odyssey to the Prada store. On display there they had costumes from the Great Gadsby. Wooo hoo. I'd take anyone of those pieces.

Hmmm. That 'bout wraps it up for now. I'll be doing a half Marathon to Coney Island this weekend and getting my hair cut by Flame at Pimps and Pinups. Results to follow (maybe.)

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