Friday, November 22, 2013

Art Swapping is like a Mini Christmas

Back this summer when I was putting brush to canvas I did this little didy.

This was for an art swap that the Sketch Book project over in Brooklyn was doing. Basically it was like a pen pal but instead of a letter you swapped a painting. They also gave us a post card with a few questions about ourselved that would go along with the piece of art work.

I wanted to do something that would say a little bit about myself and showcase the kind of art that I do. Vanity won out and I did a self portrait of sorts. Of course I had to include Monster and Elvira!

After I sent my piece off I started wondering "What kind of art will I get?" "Will it be of a similar style" It was all quite exciting to ponder. Then I got selfish. My thoughts shifted to "What if I get a canvas with nothing more than a crude stick figure on it of a square painted in the center, I'll be mad." Not that my canvas was a master piece by any means, but I did put forth effort and spent several hours on the piece in hopes that the recipient would be proud to have it. Then I turned greedy! I thought "What if the piece I get is by some famous artist and it turns out to be worth MILLIONS!! HAHAHAH!"

Well time went by and ever so often I'd wonder again what I'd be getting in the mail. Then it came just when I had almost forgotten about the swap. It was like a little mini Christmas day. As soon as I got in my door I grabbed the kitchen shears and cut open my envelope. Whew hoo! I love it! It was a painting just like I would like to buy from some one. 

The artist of my piece is Kelly Jo Shows. I emailed her and found her work on line. You must check her out, she is a true talent. You can find her works at Take a look at her Artist's Shoes collection.

Also check out the Sketch Book project on line. They always have great activities for artists going on.


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