Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hiatis while practicing the simple life

as per usual I’ve had a little hiatus from my blog.

i have a million and one excuses. well not really. i have one excuse. i’ve gotten all up in this whole living simply life style. which boils down to doing less and enjoying more.

while i do enjoy doing my blog sometimes i just don’t take the time to keep up with it.

all this simple living does not mean being lazy. oh no! never. it just means picking and choosing what i do. this frees up more time to create and that's what is important to me after all.

while i have been being simple, i have been painting and making little animal necklaces. those of you who follow me on face book i am sure have seen them.

i am having an art opening on july 4th at delurk gallery in winston-salem, nc. it’s from 7-10pm. i’m going to be there so before you head to the fire works swing by and see me and what i’ve been up to.


polar bear necklace made from vintage toy

web flyer for the show

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