Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sketching and being FREE!

Most Fridays are art days. I love this. I have such a blessed life that I have been able to do this for the last 7 or so years. But I have issues. I think in my head that on those Fridays I must be doing art work that is making me money since I am not getting paid at a "REAL" job.

I really need to break free from this because art is just about ART. It is not or should not be about getting paid. Now granted I still need to pay those bills that come around each and every month. But luckily my daily gig does ok on that front.

Well last Friday I had a commission piece to varnish but it was not quite dry yet. So I grabbed my sketch book. Not just any sketch book but a sketch book from this web site.
Once I complete it is will travel the country then come to live at the Sketch Book Library across the East River in Brooklyn.

This was a great exercise for me. For 1- I will make no money off this book, for 2- I rarely sketch anything and for 3- it is good for me to draw with out looking for reference on the computer. I need to draw more out of my head.

It is all official looking (for now)

I really like pink

Sweet Zombie Sue

Such a beautiful day!

Maybelle with her paniers and basket carried all my supplies rather easily

Oh and for 4- It was a beautiful day to take Maybelle down to the river for this project.

Do any of you artists struggle out there with balancing doing art for fun and art for money?

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