Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's Happening?

As usual my summer is ending way too quickly. I hate fall. Hate it. Hate winter more. Then I like spring. And Love, Love, Love summer.

During summer I DO as much as I possibly can because I know here in NY the cold weather comes way to quickly.

So I have not been painting as much as I need to. I am still working on a commission piece that I picked up last September. Now granted I have done lots of other painting in between. But I need to get this done because I have big plans on painting for this fall and winter.

When I went home in July I couldn't go the whole week without creating something. So I went to the local TJ Maxx there in Winston-Salem to pick up a glass container so I could make a terrarium. This is something that couldn't happen in New York. Like where would I go get plants? I'm pretty sure it would be frowned upon me digging up plants in Central Park.

Well actually truth be told all these plants are illegal too. Now I do not condone doing illegal things I am quite the Goody Miss Two-Shoes. But I wanted to take a little bit of Pilot Mountain with me.

I have tiny ferns, moss and other plants. Plus a stone I just got on the Cape May shore
I did spruce my work area up a bit. I have a cheap IKEA long desk that holds my computer and is also where I paint. The desk was covered in paint and cuts from where I used an exacto knife without a cutting mat. Bad idea!

But with a little oil cloth form Pearl River it looks better than new. No more cutting.

Ready, set paint!
Today we picked up some carpet squares to re-carpet the bathroom. Elvira took a liking to them right away.

"I'm queen of the mountain!"
Next time I will tell you a bit about a new project I'm starting to start... "The Sketch Book Project"

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