Friday, October 19, 2012

A little bit of Halloween everyday

Those of you who know me personally or know my art work would probably guess that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I suppose for the most part that is true. Some people say that I treat everyday as Halloween since I tend to dress in costumes.

In any given week at work I might hear all of this...
Monday- You look like Rosie the Riviter today
Tuesday- Your outfit is so lumberjack-esque today
Wednesday- Looks like you are going to a garden party today
Thursday- Goth is a good look for you

Well for the remainder of the month I tend to wear a little something spooky each day.

Here is what I have done so far this week...
Day 1
Bloody Nails
I can not take credit for this idea. I saw my friend Jeanie post her nails like this one day. So I thought I steal her idea. Check her out she is a multi-talented lady. She can help you get organized and decorate and pretty much everything.

Day 2

I love this pin that Lee (my husband) got me for Christmas a few years back. I wear it year round.

Today I paired it with a Chanel (inspired) tweed jacket
Day 3

Well I don't like these as good as bloody nails but today I opted for ghost face nails.

If you are down the Savannah GA way this month stop in and see my sister's art show. She is a wonderful artist and this is also her favorite time of year.

Stay tuned for more Halloween wears this coming week.

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