Sunday, April 8, 2012

A New York Easter

Easter back home in NC was always a big deal. As a little girl, my parents always prepared me an Easter Basket and we dyed eggs.

When I got a bit older we always had a nice ceremony at Church then a yummy meal of ham, deviled eggs and all the yummy southern trimmings.

Here in New York it is just Lee, the pups and myself. I figured we'd do something a little different...

We jump on our bikes and head to a bahn mi Vietnamese sandwich shop then head over to Union square for a picnic.
Catfish Bahn Mi. So good!
Lee enjoys his pork belly sandwich

Next it's off to the Easter Bonnet parade. It is really more like a block party of crazy hats and some dolled up puppies.

Puppets at the parade
St. Patric's Cathedral
On the way home I did actually get a basket- well it wasn't an Easter basket but a bike basket in stead!

Back home we grab up the girls and take them in a nice walk. They were so happy.

For dinner we opted for the closest thing we could find to a good southern meal- Low Country over in the West Village. They did have deviled eggs. They were not as good as mom's but they made do!
Shrimp and grits for me and fried rabbit and waffles for Lee
Deviled eggs

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as I did. Happy Easter!Here are a few more pics from the day.

This gals hat was so big she had to have someone help hold her up
I even found some sweet tea for dinner. I had two big glasses!
I see this man everywhere along with his parrot and puppy

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