Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy, busy bee

Where does my time go?

Probably the same place everyone's goes- Into never never land.

I like to do a lot of things and there lies my problem. If I have extra time on my hands I'm going to fill it with something.

Since my last post at Easter I've been...

1. Painting. Working on a commission piece as well as trying to get some pin up girls painted for a show at Dye Pretty Salon in Winston-Salem this July.

Two pin up gals in front with a portion of the commission piece in the background

2. I've been to see J. D. McPherson. A young guy with an old soul and an old timey brand of music to match.

J.D. McPherson and his bass player at Mercury Lounge

3. I took a bicycle safety class. Since I've been riding my bike up to work at mid-town I figured a little safety wouldn't hurt.

This is not MY bike but I thought it was pretty cool. Brooklyn.

4. I've been running I did 8.5 miles yesterday.

5. I entered the lottery for the New York City marathon. It is highly unlikely that I get in but I had a dream that I did so I've got my fingers crossed.

Me cheering on a runner in the NYC Marathon a few years back.

6. Today I did a vintage pin up girl photo shoot. Photos coming later.

My hair all up in curlers.

7. I took a burlesque class and signed up to take more. 

Hmmmmm. That's about all that I can think of. After I write this blog I might go take a nap!

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