Friday, April 6, 2012

Animals, animals everywhere!

When I mention to someone that I am a painter. They always ask, “What kind of stuff do you paint?” My typical short answer goes something like...
“I paint a lot of creepy kids and circus side show people.”

The other day I started thinking, “I should paint some animals, awwwwe, I don’t really know how to paint animals. Animals seem kinda boring. Nahhhh I don’t think I will paint animals.”

Then I realized- I DO paint animals and never really noticed it. The creatures are never my main focus but it seems like about 80% of the time my painted humans have animal companions.

Who knew?!?

Here are a few from times past.

Dolly and her Dandy Doodle

Lulu's Lamb wouldn't Listen

Puppet Show

No More Room

Red Lipstick on a Grey Train

Bunny Wasn't So Lucky

Sweaters For Snakes


Road Kill Kitty

1 comment:

  1. I love all your paintings cause they come from your heart. You are a!