Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Bike NYC

I've now been living here close to 5 years. I've never had a bicycle here. I've just always walked, taken the subway or hopped in a cab. Seems to work just fine for the most part.

Friday we were walking to dinner and there was a man on Houston Street selling old "beater' bikes I call them. These are bikes that in NC you could find at any given yard sale or Goodwill for about $20 or free on the side of the road for that matter. I decided to have a look at them. Right there on the end was a little bike just for me! Not for the $20 price tag but for a $160. I knew this was actually about going rate for such, but Lee knocked him down to $150. SOLD!

I felt just like a little kid. I pictured myself not having to wait on the subway. Not having to spend so long walking places and not having to fork out a lots of money for cabs. Fist things first- a helmet.

Me posing moments after my purchase.

After dinner I did a little research and found Nut Case helmets. So I went to Adeline Bikes in Tribecca. They sale beautiful bikes and if I had an indoor place to keep one, I'd get one from here. So for now I'll settle with a brain protector. I chose a pale matte blue. Of course I had to adorn it with a little pink and reflective tape bow. At Heavy Rebel this year I plan on getting it pinstriped. For now it'll do just fine.

The gray part is reflective tape. Safety first!

Next on the list is a basket. I must have something to carry my stuff in when I go out shopping. That'll have to wait till next week.

Sunday was a fine day (as fine as it gets here this time of year) for my first outing. It's over to the East Village. First stop was at some weird flea market. There was really nothing worth buying here and everyone seemed crazy. Believe me- I can usually find something to buy ANYWHERE!

Agua Fresca at the weird flea market.

Lunch was fabulous. Criff dogs. I've only been here once as hot dogs are not my cuisine of choice, but sometimes a good dog hits the spot!

The decor here is quite fun!
After a bit more peddling about it was time for dessert. I'd heard about an ice cream delight called the Salty Pimp from the BIG GAY ICE CREAM STORE. Even though the day was a bit chilly, the Salty Pimp was still quite yummy in my tummy! It is soft serve vanilla with caramel drizzled on and injected into it, then there is a powder fine salt sprinkled on top then the whole thing is dipped in that chocolate that hardens on ice cream. Yum!

Good stuff!
We continued our trip for a bit more, passing other interesting shops and the like.

Nice murals on the B-ball court
Looks like an urban light house
It was a good time out on my two wheels. I am so glad I got my bike. I think that I will really get some use out of it. I am already planning my route to work. I just want a route with the least amount of traffic especially once I get up to mid town.

Riding down Sullivan Street
More adventures to come!

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  1. When I moved to NYC I thought I'd be able to get around without a bike, especially since my apartment is so small and I didn't want to have to leave it locked outside. But I got so impatient with the buses and subway that I couldn't stand it. So I got a folding bike last summer, and it's worked out really well.