Monday, February 6, 2012

A Visit to the South was in Order

The winter months in New York are not so fun for me. Don't get me wrong I love New York. If it was in Miami I'd never leave. We have had quite a mild winter so I guess I shouldn't complain. But I do hate cold weather.

I figured a trip to the south would do me some good.

I figured Savannah would be the place. After all I think I might need to live there once I am done with New York or New York is done with me.

We arrived mid day just in time to go to the River Front for a nice late lunch alfresco style. Yep outside dinning during the beginning of February. I could get used to this.

We explored around a bit more by the river before meandering back to the Bed and Breakfast Inn of Savannah. Here we had afternoon tea in the courtyard. Ahhhhh.
I just love old architecture

Churches peeked out from everywhere
Horsies having a drink

Soon it would be time for dinner at the Old Pink House. Of course I had to eat there, after all it is PINK- my favorite color. Lee and I got all done up in our vintage inspired outfits for a nice fancy evening out. The meal was just wonderful. We started with some fried green tomatoes. I had sea scallops with mashed potatoes topped with fried green onions and key lime pie for dessert. Too yummy.

The next day was spent checking out Tybee Island and  bopping around the historic area. Then to meet up with my sister at the Jepson Center where she works. This is a beautiful museum and I was happy to have my own private tour guide.
Tybee Island Light House

My sister, Lisa Ocampo, provided the digs for the remainder of our stay. She lives in a great old house built in 1900 that her and her husband are lovingly restoring and turning it into a work of art.

She too is a a painter and our guest bedroom was like a gallery of some of her work.
The Gypsy

Hand made VooDoo Doll- amazing

This one was my favorite in the "gallery"

Saturday was spent at a wild life preserve out on Oatland Island. We saw foxes, wolves, turtles, snakes, eagles, vultures, pigs, cows and a few more critters. Plus another old cool hospital this one was a syphilis hospital back in the day. Unlike the small pox hospital on Governors Island this place has been restored and is used as the starting point for the hike around the wild life preserve. Nice.


Then it was off to one of my favorite places... the cemetary. We went to Bonaventure. It was fantastic! The moss dripping from the old oak trees dappled the sun on these amazing graves. It was just so beautiful! I could live here!
Such lovely angels were around every turn

I love this shot- so pretty with just a hint of sadness

Camelias were all a bloom, such a welcome site!

Peek-a-boo Mr. Snake!

I just wanted to jump in and rub this wolf's ears. I'm pretty sure he'd like it.

One of my favorite graves was "Gracie" It was a grave of a little girl who died of pneumonia at the age of 6. The grave is marked by a lovely sculpture of her. Creepy. Creepy good.

Pretty little Gracie forever young

The weather in Savannah was like a dream come true in the middle of a cold winter. I only hope I have soaked up enough of it to carry me till spring breaks through! Sometime around July probably ; )

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