Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Fish Eat Little Fish Commission COMPLETE!

Back in September I did an art event in my home town of Winston-Salem. I did pretty good with my sales despite the fact that it was a one day event. But I also picked up a couple of commissions to do. Fabulous!

It took me rather a long time to finish this first piece as it is a bit more detailed than I normally work. I wanted to be sure the recipient got the piece before I posted the finished work here.

The original to use as my inspiration
My final rendition in oil
 Here are some steps I photographed along the way.
It all started with a sketch and some paint
Some rough colors are blocked in
A few details begin to take shape
Detail of my flying fish
Things are taking shape
Once my signature is on the piece that means it is complete!
I just regret I forgot to take a high res photo with my real camera for my records. Live and learn.

For this same person I have another commission. This one is going to be amazing. The inspiration here is another piece by Breugel titled the Triumph of Death. With a title like that my wheels have been turning. I've done a few sketches but nothing to show yet.

Just look at all the detail here. Whew, I can do it!
 Today I had to take a little fun creative break and try my hand at oil pastels. They are a bit tricky but I do believe I will like them once I get a better grasp of how to work with them.

This is a couple of hours in. I like how fast it goes.

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