Sunday, February 26, 2012

Art Collecting and a Puppet Show!

the first thing i do when i move somewhere new is hang up my art work. boxes are still packed, furniture is askew and grab my hammer and get to work. so- sure in these times art is one of the first things cut out of someones budget. after all there are bills to pay and mouths to feed. art is not a necessity for life. but it is one of the most important thing in MY life.

i've been blessed in my art collecting. i lived in winston-salem, nc most of my life and there are so many wonderful artists there.being an artist myself has allowed me to trade pieces over the years which makes it a little nicer on the budget!

i thought i'd share part of my collection today. i'll post some of the other pieces in round 2 at a later date.

let's start with family...

my dad is one of my favorite artists. ok so i may be a bit biased, but really he is so awesome. he carved this narwhal for me since it is my very favorite whale. after all it is like the unicorn of the sea!

Narwhal by tommy luper
not only is my dad an artist but so is my older sister lisa ocampo. i got this piece from her at one of her latest art shows in savannah ga.

princess pea pea by lisa ocampo
one of my favorite artists is mike duggins. his work reminds me of the old timey cartoons and i love his slightly warped since of humor he puts into his pieces. he and i are both old souls. we've had this piece for several years and i just love it!

painting by mike duggins
we also got this little ditty one of the last times we were home in winston. we've not found it's true home yet so it hangs out in my studio area to give me some inspiration.

my husband bought this next piece in austin texas from yard dog gallery. if you're ever in austin you need to check that place out. the piece is by mike egan who also does embalming- how totally suiting for this house hold.

hello devil by mike egan
while traveling we love finding some local art to bring home. when we went to puerto vallarta we happened across a lovely little shop that sold local artist's works. great for us and great for the community! the top piece is made of wood and metal and the bottom piece is made of yarns.

pieces from puerto vallarta

sometimes i even find art on the street for free. ok so this rarely happens and most may not see this as art. but i found this big giant g on the street when we first moved here and it makes a great display for my coney island crown that i made.

g stands for GREEN!

 here's how part of the wall looks that i featured today. i'll give another art tour later of some of the other pieces we have. 

oh i 'bout forgot to show you MY piece that i did this weekend. it's "another puppet show" done in graphite and colored pencil. i had found the frame a while back and it was just calling to have something in it. isn't she sweet?

another puppet show by me- tiffany o'brien


 thanks for taking the tour with me today! cheers!

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