Saturday, January 28, 2012

Glitterffiti and a Chanel Purse

A friend of mine is heading up an art show in Winston-Salem. The assignment is to take an object, paint it white then do graffiti on it. Quite a wide open theme since there are so many types of graffiti.

I myself don't know a whole lot about graffiti. You'd think since I live here in NYC I'd be all about it. Most of the stuff I see these days is nothing but tags. To me that is ugly and boring. It's just the artist writing their "name" sloppily on all sorts of surfaces.

Anyway, I decided to do a painting using some of the techniques. I picked up an old tray at the Goodwill yesterday to use as my canvas.

I set up a spray both in my bath tub. Yet another issue of living in an apartment is I have no where to spray paint.

After painting the tray flat white I made star stencils and spray painted them with safety paint. Then I painted my girl with acrylics. I accented everything with some graffiti paint pens. I also did some paint drips and splatters then I added GLITTER! No graffiti piece of mine is complete without it.

Glitterffit- Knock Out!

While taking a picture of my graffiti spray paint hands I couldn't help but take this shot! LOL.

I have a birthday coming up in March. Not just any birthday it's gonna be my big 40! How did this happen?I'm not sure.

I decided a while back that every woman of age deserves to have a Chanel hand bag. So my quest was on.
Now normally I would not blog about such a materialistic possession. I am a self proclaimed thrifty shopper. But I worked and saved hard to buy this special purse. It meant a lot to me that I bought it for myself and it was not a gift from anyone. 

I'll carry it with pride for many many years. Till I turn old and gray! (Which is now just right around the corner)

Medium/Large black caviar Chanel

Now I'm gonna have to do something about this ghetto wallet!


To be sure to use ever last thing I can from my purchase I decided to make a pin/hair facinator out of the ribbon and flowers they used for the package.

Made from Chanel flowers and ribbon. With added netting and jeweled stars.


  1. Lil' Tiff,

    I LOVE your 'Knock Out" tray art!!! The way you did your signature is so fun, too!!!

    Is that Elvira or Monster getting "the squeeze"?!!!

    Chunky Turtle Boy

  2. I love the pink "fight like a girl" motif! Also, I adore the fascinator you made as much as the purse! xoxo!