Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Portrait and Roosevlet Island

I've been a busy bee as usual. I just finished a commission piece. I'm not going to post it however till I send it to the owner. I feel it only fair.

Since I finished that piece I decided to do a "quickie" fun painting just for kicks. I call it Family Portrait. The family dynamic is changing these days, so I figured my painting should portray just that.

I got this wonderful baby on our trip to Cold Spring NY a few weeks ago. I knew she'd come in handy!
I even did an under painting for this one. The final results I think were worth it.
Start laying in the colors

Once again the final piece "Family Portrait"

Last Monday I had off (my regular freelance gig) for Dr. Martin Luther King day. AND I took the day off of any art related projects to spend the day with my wonderful husband!

We started our day by hitting up the gym to get our workout on.

Then we headed over to Roosevelt Island NY. Check the link for some fun history about this place.

I've been wanting to ride the sky tram over to check out the views. For the mere price of a subway ride, it was well worth it.

Above are 3 views as we rode over on the sky tram.

Once on Roosevelt Island I heard there is nothing to do. But I guess most people don't find an abandoned Small Pox Hospital wonderful like I do.

I mean who wouldn't want to explore around here and take some photos?!

Here is an old photo I found of it from back in the day. Look how beautiful it is!

We were over here on a quite chilly day so there were not a lot of people out and about which gave the place kind of an eerie feel. Fabulous!

We explored around a bit more and found some wonderful views.

Check out this amazing view back into the city
All in all I really enjoyed my visit to Roosevelt Island. I plan on going back in the warm weather and running the outer pathway that goes around the island. Up north there is an old light house that I'm dying to see.

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