Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ringing in the New Year with a Dead Mouse and some Polar Bears

2011 has come and gone. It was a great year and I'm ready to see what 2012 has to offer.

Friends from back home always ask if I'm going to Times Square for New Years. Not a chance! Now granted if somehow I could get in one of the buildings over looking the festivities I'd do that in a heart beat. You know, where there's a rest room and access to some snacks!

So each year we try to find different ways to celebrate.

Two years we did the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run in Central Park. The first year was fantastic. The second year... not so much. Try negative degrees and running in a puffy coat. Our next New Years was spent in Miami.

This was the warm year.

Lee also enjoyed the run.

I figured a tutu was in order
This year we were invited to go to a big DJ party. A friend of ours does lighting for big events so he hooked us up.

Now I don't know much about DJ music. I like it yes. But I don't know who's who out there right now.

Anyway the whole time I'm there I'm waiting to see Danger Mouse. Who I was a smidge familiar with. But when the main DJ came out he looked nothing like Danger Mouse but I just thought I couldn't see well because of all the Glow Sticks. Come to find out- it was actually DJ Dead Mouse. He was awesome, but sounded a lot like any other DJ to my ears.

All these glow sticks are making me feel crazy

Safe from the party goers in the lighting booth

So after our fill of music and fun we headed back home to get a good nights rest before the POLAR PLUNGE!

This is my third plunge. And I must say I have lucked out with some pretty good weather each time. This year was about 40 degrees. Now don't get me wrong, that Atlantic ocean is still pretty darn cold when it hits ya.

The story goes, this whole thing got started over 100 years ago for health reasons. Somebody thought it was good for the heart and circulation to plunge into icy water. Well if your heart doesn't stop when you hit the water, it probably does get that ticker going pretty good.

This year we met some friends of ours out there to plunge with me. Lee's old bones didn't want to go swimming this year. Party Pooper.

Cari, Solomon, J.J and myself post plunge. Just like a summer day!
My mermaids got to go for a little dip this year.
Ruby's was hopping
Here's to a spectacular 2012 for all of us! Cheers!

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