Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap and a new sketch

People often ask why I don't go home for Christmas. The simple reason is it is less stressful to go home at any other time of the year. Also I quite like my quiet low key New York Christmas.

For Christmas Eve we went to Dyker's Heights Brooklyn to see some wild Christmas lights. Thanks to my friend Cari Jackson who wrote the book "The Guide to Odd New York"

Back home in NC we go see Christmas light every year also. I have to say though, walking through the displays versus driving through gives the whole experience a cozier dynamic.

For our Christmas Eve meal we opted for some Peking Duck in China Town. I got this idea from my favorite Christmas movie, "The Christmas Story"

Yummy yummy!

Awwwe who knew he'd grow up to be so CUTE!
Christmas morning we got up to open our presents. And to give the pups their "Santa" gifts thanks to Grandma Luper.

Monster got her favorite gift- a brand new tennis ball!

Elivra has her turn at the tennis ball. Monster is not happy with this.
 The remainder of the day is spent cleaning up this mess, cooking a nice lunch of bracioles, baked potatoes, mac-n-cheese and bacon chocolate cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing. Whew it was mighty yummy.

Don't know what a braciole is? Check out the link. It's good stuff.

We also get to take the girls on a nice long walk down Broadway. Most days of the year it is too crowded for puppies. But today it is rather nice.

Yesterday we decided to take a little day trip up to Cold Spring New York. Yay! Train trip.

I love the train. In the south we don't really ride the train, we take a car trip to most places.

We start our journey in Grand Central Terminal which is just a wonderful place to visit to begin with.

I just love the tiled arches here.

A man grabbing some breakfast before his trip.

Lovely old clock atop the information booth

Frenchie takes a trip too

People hustling and bustling about
The train we rode was called  Ichabod Crane. And yes there really is a Sleepy Hollow in New York.

It doesn't matter how many trips I go on. Whether on the ground or in the air, I still love to look out of the window.

There were some good sites on the way up to Cold Spring.

Sing Sing prison!
Over looking the Hudson River
Cold Springs- for real!

In Cold Spring we have a nice Italian lunch and do some antiquing. I found a couple of lovely creepy babies, that have already ended up in my latest sketch for my next painting. Check her out.

So that recaps my wonderful Christmas week. Tomorrow will be New Years Eve, not sure yet what we'll be getting into for that. I can tell you that I will NOT be in Times Square! Till next year!

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