Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry New York City Apartment Christmas!

Back home in NC I used to get a bit Christmas crazy. I'd have a Christmas tree down stairs and one in the bed room. Gasp! Yep, in the bed room.

Now I'm just lucky to fit a bed in the bed room.

Four years ago Lee and I moved to New York with no jobs. Probably not a good idea. So that first year Christmas had to be done but it had to be done on a budget. So where to go you ask!?! China Town of course.

We bought everything for the tree for somewhere around the $30 price tag. We have dragons, lanterns, scary mask face man, fish wind socks, fans and a butter fly to top it off.

Merry Christmas Tree 2012

Close up of Scary Mask Face man and fish wind sock

Oh yeah I threw some disco balls in there for kicks

Mike Duggin's painting looks over everything to be sure all is well.
Due to the room we have in the apartment or lack there of, I keep most everything else simple.

Simple tinsel from the dollar store (where nothing actually is a dollar) decorates the doorways

Another dollar store find. Total of $7

I got these great glitter bows at same said dollar store and I put them on the corners of some of the art work around the house.

Same glitter bow adorns my owl lamp
Presents can not go on the floor around the tree here in the O'Brien house. We have a beast of a dog named Elvira that is a gift destroyer. You can ask my friend Eddie Draughn about that. So All the gifts must go up and away from little dog lips.

This year I used pale blue and green paper with zebra and snake skin paper accents. I like using rolls of tulle for my bows. You get a lot of bang for the buck.
A chalk ware puppy peaks out from the gifts. It was a gift from my cuz Emily.
I like to have fresh flowers for the holidays. I'm no flower arranger but as long as they're alive I'm happy.


  1. Fun to see the place all swanked up for Xmas and your creative ideas, colors and textures both old and new !!

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed this christmas photos, It’s really amazing, and I would love to see this type of christmas photos more and more.

    Keep it up!