Saturday, December 3, 2011



I have found that I really don't allow myself to dream. There is no time for such non-sence, there is stuff to be done. Real stuff.

Perhaps though I should put some clouds under my feet and indulge a bit. Dreaming after all is a treat. And who doesn't like a good treat?

I guess I'll start my dream by dreaming I will win the lottery (that I never play) and I have more cash than I could ever need. I'll also be dreaming in pink in case you haven't noticed.

First let's give some cash away to friends, families, charities and puppies.

OK, now I will be living in a palatial loft apartment over looking the Hudson River. Decorated Old Hollywood meets punk rock.

In this apartment there will be a nice walk in closet (or 2.) Perhaps a his and hers. Yeah, that'll be nice. In this closet there will be a brand new Black Caviar with black chain Coco Chanel purse. Yep yep.

Alas I will only be needing this apartment in the summer. You read correctly- summer. I would summer in the city. I don't care for winter so when the cold season rolls around (probably in September) I'll be heading to some tropical location. Miami will do just fine.

The reason I dream of having this extra money really is so I won't have to work. Work tends to get in my way of creating.

Since I won't be needing to work, I will have all the time in the world to paint. I could paint my little heart out. I might even open my own gallery since it wouldn't really matter if I sold anything. I'd have a gallery where I'd GIVE my paintings away. Well... maybe almost give away. They'd be rather affordable, just like they are now (wink wink). People would come from all around just to acquire one.

While I'm dreaming I might as well have a 22 inch waist. Of course I won't really have to work out to keep it. Only if I decide to. When and if I do decide to go for a run I will run 5 minute miles just like a gazelle. Weeeeee!

Most of all in my dream I'm happy, grinning from ear to ear.

Oh- I've already accomplished that part of the dream I guess I just need to buy me that lottery ticket!

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