Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Fishes Eat Big Fishes

Friday morning started bright and early just like any other day of the week.

Contrary to popular belief I do work on Fridays. Ok- so I'm working from home on art and jewelry- but I do earn a salary from both so therefore I am working. Fun working but still working.

Anyway, I started the day out by hitting up the gym for a little cardio workout to get my creative juices flowing.

Then it was a stop by the post office to ship off some ebay stuff.

Of course I noticed when I got up that I was clean out of drawing paper. So I had to huff it over to Dick Blick (25% off Coupon in hand) for some art supplies. Finally back to the house. TIme is a wasting.

I'm working on a commission piece that I landed when I went home to NC for the West End ArtFEST. A nice fellow wanted me to do a piece based off of Pieter Bruegel's Big Fish Eat Little Fish, 1557. Of course I am to add my own style and twist to the painting.

Read more insight here on the original

At first I was a bit concerned, as this piece is nothing like my normal work. Plus there is a whole lot going on here. I seem to normally paint a larger subject placed on a fairly simple background. But I am up for a challenge!

Also I am not much into politics and this piece is making a statement of how the strong ofter pray on the weak. I wasn't too sure if I could actually get into the piece. But I feel that I have now. Living here in NY the Wall Street protest is all over the news so I've added my take on that.

Here are my sketches of the piece. I plan on using muted shades of  blues and browns to give the piece a vintage look. I'm going to make myself not use a single stroke of pink, my favorite go to color.
Full painting

Once I get the go ahead from the intended  I'll get my brushes a going.

Also over the weekend I got the remainder of my ETSY store up and going. Whew! I added some ear bobs and my tattooed paper dolls. See side bar of this page.


  1. It is very timely. I love your translation of the work. I'd wish you best of luck, but you've got talent!

  2. Only Tiffany could bring Bruegel into the present.

  3. What a great idea! And a very clever interpretatation. great blog Tiffany, really enjoyed looking through it.