Thursday, October 13, 2011

13 Keys to Happiness

On the train to work this morning I was happy. Not for any particular reason. I was just simply happy. I also noticed how everyone around me looked miserable. Not that I was just sitting there smiling out loud or anything. But I found it hard to believe I looked as glum as most of these folks.

I pulled out my iphone and just made a quick list of things that make me happy that I could share with others.

1. Exercise. So hard you sweat and you breathe hard.

In high school I hated running. In fact it almost made me cry I despised it so much. I found it hard (I mean have you seen how short my legs are?) I found it quite embarrassing that I was so slow.

Now I run all the time and I've never had so much energy.

I say do something you enjoy but be sure it is actually giving you a work out. Walking may be good but unless you're really exerting yourself it hardly counts.

2. Don't smoke. 'Nuff said.

3. Go to the carnival and ride a ride. Even if all you can stomach are the hobby horses.

4. Swim in the ocean.

5. Fill your home with art. Whether it is your own, other artists' pieces or just photos you like out of magazines put into frames found in the Goodwill.

6. Get tattoos. Ok, well that might be a little drastic for some. But at the least have some friends with tattoos. They usually are fun to hang with and don't take themselves too seriously.

7. Go to the spa and get a facial. If you can't afford that, go buy yourself some Queen Helene and have one at home. Be sure to light a candle and play relaxing music. Follow up with some potions, serums or creams. Even if they don't seem to work you'll always have the hope that one day you'll wake up with a face that looks 10 years younger. Hope goes a long way!

8. Fill your body with good nutritious food. Then be sure to leave room every now and again to indulge in something you love that is ridiculously filled with calories and fat.

9. Be nice to others... Especially when they don't deserve it.

10. Unplug. Simple. Try it. It'll revive your brain. And this includes the TV.

11. When times are really tough take comfort in the fact that in say 100 years, give or take, you won't even be on this earth any more. But while you are here leave a legacy you'd be proud of.

12. Smile. Start slow. Start by smiling at puppies walking down the street or the feral cat in the bushes. Once you have this mastered move on to humans.

13. Become good at something, something other than complaining.

So what makes ME an expert at the secrets to happiness? Nothing really other than I'm happy. These are 13 of my keys. I'm sure you may have your own. Just be sure to use them on a daily basis, other wise they may lose their unlocking powers.

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  1. :) I love this!! and it's actually funny because there are more than 2 things on this list that I do. thanks for sharing this with your readers