Sunday, September 11, 2011

From Bettie Page to Betty Boop

Wow, where to begin?

We'll start with my new look. I've gone from Bettie Page to Betty Boop with just a few snips of the shears. I'm kinda diggin' it for a change. I'm going to experiment with some new looks as well. I plan to venture into the "1920s Carnival Gypsy Goth Look" I'll still play with all my 1950s looks as well but I figured it was about time play a "Bettie" from a different era.

Things have been so busy here at the "end of summer", I love it!

Friday morning I worked on my jewelry but then at noon it was play time. Tony Hawk was holding a skate demo over by the Hudson River. A friend of ours, Neil Hendricks who is a pro skater, had wrist bands for us. I couldn't turn that down.

Tony Hawk himself (he's tall!)

Last Saturday we went to the tug boat races on the Hudson River. Only one problem, the races weren't till Sunday. So we decided to hit up the Intrepid Museum instead. We have been wanting to check it out and since we were right there by it we figured no time like the present. I must say it was pretty awesome. I know my dad would love to go. Maybe one day he'll make it up this way to see me and I'll take him.
Shots from the deck of the Intrepid

Saturday night was also the night we had set aside to check out the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival. It is a strange crowd that turns out for this event. It was nice to go to none the less.

I'm not about to let a late night out make me miss the tug races. So up and at 'em bright and early on Sunday again. There was the tug race, tugs pushing each other, people throwing rope from the tug, tattoo contest, spinach eating contest and a mascot contest. Whew!

Here comes the tugs!
In amongst all these fun activites, Lee had a birthday and we celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary. So we've been eating quite well too, maybe a little too good!

Somehow I have managed to be in pretty good shape for my art show coming up. 
I've finished 3 sets of my paper dolls. I have a tattooed burlesque dancer, a strong man and a fire eater. They are all friends.

All 3 come with a sheet of accessories

I also did a quick little set up of all the jewelry and art that I will have at the show. I'm really excited of how it has all turned out.

Some necklaces and pins
Pins, earrings, paper doll set and zombie cabinet cards!
The rest of the lot
My favorite pieces for this show are my necklaces. Each one is a hand painted oil on canvas with found objects, vintage ribbon, hand made beads all of which build a one of a kind story for each piece. Here are just a few of the necklaces that we shot today while out and about.

Night Owl set in a vintage owl cameo
{shot at Washington Square Park}

Sweet Pea {Shot in Cafe Cubana}

Coney Island Baby {Shot Outside Cafe Cubana}
Fashion note: The dress is a gown from Anthropologie around $58 the corset is from H&M at about $29 (one of my favorite finds)

Any of you that live around Winston-Salem please stop by and see me at the West End ArtsFEST. Saturday September 24th rain date of the 25th. It is held at Grace Court near down town from 10-5pm.

The only thing I have left to do is come up with some inexpensive portable display ideas. I also need to make a few things to decorate my area, find a table cloth. Then I need to ship some of it home so I don't have to take it all on the plane. Then in October I'm gonna rest and to some paintings.

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