Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Historic West End ArtFEST

It was not a sunny day nor was it a rainy day. Just one of those in-between, it could go either way days. But it was on... the West End ArtsFEST.

Truthfully I was glad not to postpone it to the next day even if the weather did seem a smidge more promising.

Most of my set up accessories were either borrowed or bought when I got to Winston at junk shops.

My tent was going to cost me $80 to rent and the table $8.00. I found a tent to purchase for $69.00, so my dad went in half with me and now he has a tent to use for his leisure. My in-laws let me borrow their table. I was thankful to save that money.

My dear friends Eddie and Stephan rose bright and early with me to set everything up. What a life saver they both were.

Stephan was a walking advertisement for me walking around the FEST with his Big Eyed Jesus necklace that drew a lot of attention and sent a lot of folks my way. Eddie was a whiz with calculating the sales tax and writing up receipts. With out them I would have been so lost.

I've been working for months on this collection. Ok, so not very many months. I found out I was going to be in the show back in July I think. That works out to be only about 2 months. Two of my beloved summer months. So I have been rather busy to say the least.

I started making jewelry I guess back in May and I must say it has been quite fun and I've already got ideas for the next round of goodies.

My next step is to get my ETSY store updated and start networking it out there in computer land to hopefully get some sales that way.

In case you missed the show or the pics I posted on Face Book... here are a few from the show.
I tried to keep everything in a nice tea stained lavender color Fashion Note: The dress came from the Pink Purse on ETSY

A Candy bowl filled with pins that I do for Art-O-Mat

Cotton Candy Ear Bobs

Junk store find for holding business cards. Free Pixi Stix!

Even the lavender "spread" was just $3.00 curtains from the Salvation Army store

I'd like to also start showing here in New York at maybe the Brooklyn Flea or the Designer's Showcase here in the city.

Thanks again to every one who helped me with this show and to all that stopped by my little booth of Freaks, Geeks and Beauties.

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